Manager Exchange LIVE!

You’re Invited to Present at Manager Exchange LIVE!!
At 3PM, we want to help managers succeed! Sometimes this means creating a match between an outsourced marketing firm and an investment management firm. Other times it means providing extensive education, guidance, tools and discounts to managers so that they can build their own tool box and pursue investment management marketing and sales in a way that best suits them.
We are excited to announce the inaugural Manager Exchange LIVE! Forum, which will be held on April 18, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois. This event will give managers the opportunity to take the podium; to present their capabilities in front of a dedicated audience of highly experienced, industry leading third party marketing firms. These firms will complete an active, real time and written assessment about your presentation—what works and what doesn’t, factors to consider and opportunities to pursue based on what they hear. You will receive the back of the envelope notes from these industry experts, the inside scope and the real deal about what you are offering and what steps you should consider to improve your chances of success. Perhaps, along the way, you’ll also meet a marketing resource or two that could be instrumental in taking you to the next step.
This program will be limited to 20 managers, each will be given a full 10 minute formal presentation slot, and each will receive the written feedback of no less than 5 senior level outsourced marketing organizations.
We would also welcome your attendance at this year’s annual 3PM Conference, to be held at this same venue just outside of Chicago on April 18-19. There will be sessions designed around all of the tools and tricks of the trade, where you could be more efficient and what is happening in the markets, where you could save resources and where you should employ them. There will be an abundance of networking and small group meetings to help you maximize your time and resources, at the conference and beyond it.
Space is limited. The Manager Exchange LIVE! Participation rate is $500, and conference attendance is $600; bundled together for $1000 you can both present at Manager Exchange LIVE! and attend the conference.
For additional pricing information and details, and to secure your spot, please contact us today. We look forward to working with you to enhance your business in 2018.
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