Committees Roster

Below is a list and function of each our committees. If you are interested in serving on a committee, contact Sammi at

Seved five year term as ABET EAC commissioner. Currently serving on EAC Executive Committee.
Board overseeing the certification of Environmental Scientists.
Charged with identifying a deserving environmental engineering student for recommendation to the AAEE BOT.
Advancing the stature and practice of Environmental Engineering by promoting the profession, educating the public, assessing issues, and recognizing professional achievements.
Consistent with direction from the BOT, the Executive Committee shall be responsible for budget control, operations, and management of the Academy, and through the President, shall provide direction to the Executive Director (ED). The EC is authorized to act on all Academy activities and affairs, except for electing officers and directors, establishing budgets and membership fees, conducting audits, establishing policies and procedures, amending the Bylaws, or exercising any power reserved by law exclusively for the BOT or members or as excluded herein by these Bylaws.

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