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Gershkoff-Goldberg Award

This award was established by the American Academy of Implant Dentistry to honor one individual each year that exemplifies the commitment by Aaron Gershkoff and Norman Goldberg to implant dentistry and keeps his memory alive. As cofounders and initial presidents of the AAID, they developed the subperiosteal implant  They brought dentists from around the world together to form the Academy. They wrote the first textbook in the US on implant dentistry and presented the first program on implant dentistry at an American Dental Association annual meeting. The Aaron Gershkoff Memorial Award was established in 1973. The name was changed in 2013 to the Gershkoff-Goldberg Memorial Award after the passing of Norman Goldberg in late 2012.

Nominees must have demonstrated one or all of the following attributes:

  • documented, exemplary service to the AAID
  • exceptional contributions to the field of implant dentistry
  • national and/or international recognition as an outstanding implant dentist
  • distinguised career in the field or in an allied science
  • consummate professional

The Past Presidents’ Council selects the recipient each year.  To suggest a nominee for consideration, please contact one of AAID’s past presidents or contact the Past Presidents’ Representative on the Board of Trustees by May 14.  The current representative of the Past Presidents, Dr. John DaSilva, can be contacted at


Previous award winners are:

Eric Baush (1973)

Leonard I. Linkow (1974)

Roy L. Bodine (1975)

Isaih Lew (1976)

Theodore Lee (1977)

Raphael Chercheve (1978)

Gustav Dahl (1979)

Samuel P. Weber (1980)

Arthur Jermyn (1981)

Eugene Wozmak (1982)

Paul Mentag (1983)

A. Norman Cranin (1984)

Maurice Brett (1985)

Alvin Strock (1986)

Burton E. Balkin (1987)

Robert James (1988)

Harold D. Roberts (1989)

C. M. McEachern (1990)

Thomas Golec (1991)

H. Ford Turner (1992)

Jack Lemons (1993)

Paul A. Schnitman (1994)

Norman I. Goldberg (1995)

Victor I. Sendax (1996)

O. Hilt Tatum, Jr. (1997)

Louis J. Naman (1998)

Carl E. Misch (1999)

Perry J. Bingham (2000)

Jack Wimmer (2001)

J.Thomas Chess (2002)

Per-Ingvar Brånemark (2003)

Jack Hahn (2004)

Dan Root (2005)

Michael A. Pikos (2006)

Craig Cooper (2007)

Mark Davis (2008)

James Rutkowski (2009)

Terry Reynolds (2010)

Robert J. Buhite, Sr., DDS (2011)

Richard A. Guaccio, DDS (2012)

Emile Martin, DDS (2013)

David Vassos, DDS (2014)

Jaime Lozada, DMD (2015)

Art Molzan, DDS (2016)

Alfred "Duke" Heller, DDS, MS (2017)