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AAO Convocation

2011 Convocation Lectures and Handouts

2011 Convocation, 3/18/2011

(not all lectures/handouts are available)


Rachel Brooks, MD – Finding Rollin Becker, DO: What was he teaching?

Michael P. Burruano, DO – HVLA and the Sutherland Model

Michael S. Carnes, DO, FAAO - OMT of the hospitalized patient

Jane E. Carreiro, DO - OMT in Pediatrics

Millicent K. Channell, DO - Enhancing your OMT skills while on rotations

Paul Dart, MD - Vision and the primary respiratory mechanism

Jerry L. Dickey, DO, FAAO - Harold A. Blood, DO, FAAO Memorial Lecture

Eric J. Dolgin, DO – Working with a Dentist

Dennis J. Dowling, DO, FAAO and Ann L. Habenicht, DO, FAAO – OMT without an OMT Table

Hugh M. Ettlinger, DO, FAAO – Sutherland’s Approach to the Axial Skeleton

Richard A. Feely, DO, FAAO - Your future life as a DO

Stefan Hagopian, DO, FAAO - Introduction to a biodynamic approach

Kendi L. Hensel, DO, PhD - OMT in the pregnant patient

John G. Hohner, DO, FAAO - Quick and effective treatment for ENT conditions in the family practice setting

Jean-Paul Höppner, DO, MRO (Belgium) - Looking Beyond the Borders of Embryonic Structure: Discovering the mechanism behind the form - One plus one is three: The skull is more than head and face

Raymond J. Hruby, DO, FAAO - Primary vs. secondary respiration: Where, how and how much?

Douglas J. Jorgensen, DO, CPC - Coding and reimbursement workshop

Hollis H. King, DO, PhD, FAAO – Research into the Cranial Concept: What we know, what we need to know

                        - Treating the Mind, Body and Spirit

Michael L. Kuchera, DO, FAAO – Respiratory/Circulatory Model and the PRM

                        - Evening with the FAAO’s

R. Paul Lee, DO, FAAO – The Fluid Body

William Lemley, DO, FAAO - The primary respiratory mechanism

Polly E. Leonard, DO; Michael P. Rowane, DO, FAAO; Evelyn Schwalenberg, DO; and Clint Snyder, PhD - Faculty Development Workshop: Integrating osteopathic concepts in the assessment, feedback and evaluation of learners

Kenneth J. Lossing, DO – Introduction to the Treatment of the Viscera

                        - Arbuckle: Direct Cranial

David C. Mason, DO - Lymphatic/Fluid Techniques and Venous Sinus Drainage

Thomas A. Moorcroft, DO and Daniel A. Shadoan, DO - Introduction to cranial osteopathy

Doris B. Newman, DO – Residency Director’s Program

Darick Nordstrom, DDS - Working with a dentist

Michael Porvaznik, DO - The CV4

Mark E. Rosen, DO – Contributions of William Garner Sutherland, DO: Innovations in Osteopathy

                        - The Primary Respiratory Mechanism: Clinical Efficacy and Nuanced Perception

Margaret Sorrel, DO, FAAO - Treatment of the Dorsum Sellae/Basiphenoid: The work of Charlotte Weaver, DO

                        - Charlotte Weaver, DO: Pioneer in Cranial Osteopathy

Karen M. Steele, DO, FAAO – Seated Facet Release Technique: A unique contribution from Andrew Taylor Still

Melicien A. Tettambel, DO, FAAO – Balanced Membranous Tension versus Stillpoint

Michael J. Warner, DO – Don’t Just Survive: Developing strategies for financial success

                        - Don’t just survive: Financially THRIVE in your osteopathic practice

                        - Creating the path to a successful FP/OMM practice

Frank H. Willard, PhD – Fascial Continuity from the Thoracic Diaphragm to the Pelvic Diaphragm

Rajiv Yadava DO - The Work of Robert Fulford, DO