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The ABMA Broom and Mop Division serves as an industry-focused forum for its member companies. To the extent permitted by law, the Division is committed to the following activities: 1. To provide networking opportunities between and among its members for the purposes of buying components and manufacturing equipment and selling finished product. 2. To facilitate the exchange of management and technical data that assist members in addressing challenges common to all industry participants. 3. To provide a forum for the discussion of the competitive global environment. 4. To oppose illegal imports of Division related products. 5. To support activities and legislation that benefits its members. 6. To oppose activities and legislation that adversely affects its members. 7. To promote the prosperity and growth of the Broom and Mop industry.

Committee Leadership
Mrs. Tina Burnet
Mrs. Tina Burnet
Procurement Director - Americas Region
Freudenberg Household Products LP
Aurora, IL
United States

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