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Senate Proclamation Signed on February 16 for National Court Reporting and Captioning Week

Rep. Yee, Pam Griffin, Marty Herder, Jennifer Schuck

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Be sure to keep checking the Issues and Update page for information on the Proposed Revisions of Arizona Code of Ethics.

ACRA Member Professional Code of Ethics

A Member shall:

  • Be loyal and honest in all dealings with the Bench, the Bar, and fellow reporters;
  • Maintain absolute impartiality toward each participant in all aspects of reported proceedings;
  • Strive to achieve and maintain the highest accuracy and skill in reporting;
  • Be diligent in preservation of the record and timely preparation of transcripts;
  • Ensure the security of information, oral or written, entrusted to you by any participant in a proceeding;
  • Guard against not only the fact but the appearance of impropriety;
  • Preserve the integrity of the reporting profession;
  • Abide by the ACRA Constitution and Bylaws.

ACRA also encourages you to:

  • Be dignified and courteous when interacting with participants in reported proceedings;
  • Take care to maintain professional deportment and attire;
  • Nurture the Association by recruiting and sponsoring new members;
  • Support the Association by participation in its efforts to sustain our profession.




RESOLUTION to Preserve and Promote the

Impartiality and Integrity of the Arizona Certified Reporter



WHEREAS, Certified Reporters in Arizona have maintained the highest standards of conduct when keeping the official record, and have consistently encouraged the Arizona Supreme Court, Arizona Judicial Council, Arizona Board of Certified Reporters, State Bar of Arizona and other entities to enact policies and procedures in keeping with these high standards; and


WHEREAS, the impartiality of the certified reporter is integral to the record’s integrity and credibility; and


WHEREAS, the integrity and credibility of the official record is vital to our justice system and is the foundation of the public’s trust in our legal process; and


WHEREAS, in order to protect the public, Arizona has incorporated ethical rules and statutes that require certified reporters to maintain impartiality and independence in their capacity as officers of the court; and


WHEREAS, a legal analysis of those rules has outlined significant ethical violations that exist when an Arizona Certified Reporter participates in prohibited arrangements for court reporting services; and


WHEREAS, the legal analysis states, “…certain activities associated with such arrangements…are unethical in Arizona”; and


WHEREAS, the legal analysis further states that Arizona Certified Reporters must refrain from any arrangement that includes activities prohibited under Arizona law or Supreme Court Administrative Rule; and


WHEREAS, the Arizona Court Reporters Association (ACRA) has long been concerned that  the practice of certified reporters participating in prohibited arrangements for court reporting services is inimical to the public’s faith in the judicial system,


Now, therefore, it is RESOLVED that ACRA’s Board of Directors will pursue and support all appropriate measures that inform the public and related legal professions about codified court reporting ethics and directives, and will pursue and support all appropriate measures that preserve and promote the Arizona Certified Reporter’s ethical responsibilities to litigants in the State of Arizona.


Adopted: April 28, 2012 at the Bi-Annual Membership Business meeting

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