Aug 22, 2018 10:00am -
Aug 24, 2018 12:30pm

Event Description


Knock it out of the park in Louisville!

The AED Leadership Conference is designed specifically for attendees to get ahead in their career and to accelerate their future within the dealership. No other event will give you more focused expertise on building and optimizing emerging leaders within the construction equipment distribution industry.

Attendees will be able to walk away with ideas to implement within their own areas of responsibility and a gain greater sense to becoming a more effective leader.

Transforming Tomorrow's Leadership
The Leadership Conference allows attendees to expand their horizons and explore the future of your business on a whole new level. Set your dealership apart from the competition in today's competitive construction equipment industry and register today.

Who Should Attend?
Attendees may be the designated successor or they could be a candidate for a key position in your succession plan. Is your job title listed below? If yes, register today!

Sales Manager
• Marketing Manager
• Regional Manager
• Branch Manager
• Parts Manager
• Service Manager
• Finance Manager
• Dealer Succession Planning Manager
• Director of Sales


• Rental Manager
• Rental Coordinator
• Sales Coordinator
• Marketing Coordinator
• HR Manager
• Training Manager
• HR Specialist
• Relationship Manager
• Operations Manager
• Merchandise Manager


•  Principal
• Assistant Corporate Sales Manager
• Product Support Admin
• President
• District Manager
• Executive Vice President
• Area Manager
• Business Development Manager
• More!



Wednesday, August 22
Time Session Title
10:00 am - 10:45 am

Located in Salon Foyer E

10:45 am - 11:00 am

Welcome & Announcements
Located in Kentucky Ballroom Salon E

11:00 am - 12:45 pm Sweat the Small Stuff
Lisa Ryan
Located in Kentucky Ballroom Salon E

It’s no secret! In today’s competitive marketplace, your employees AND your customers have the power to take their skills and their wallets somewhere else. If you want your organization to be a force for the future, it’s critical that you recognize and engage your employees and clients more powerfully than you have in the past.

Legendary cultures start with a commitment to building a foundation of trust, support, recognition, and service that is greater than your company alone.

When organizations pay attention to the “little things,” they maintain a higher retention rate, improved productivity and increased profitability than companies who ignore the niceties that create a positive corporate culture. With Gallup reporting that approximately 68% of the workforce is disengaged or actively disengaged, this clearly is an issue you don't want to ignore.

This workshop is chock-full of ideas, interactions and implementable actions that attendees can put into practice immediately. “Sweat the Small Stuff” gives you the tools you need to succeed.

Participants will be able to:

  • Implement simple strategies for retaining employees and building client loyalty

  • Create a company-wide foundation of trust

  • Incorporate ways to effectively identify and recognize accomplishments

  • Strengthen employees' and customers’ connection to the organization

  • Use these ideas immediately in your company

12:45 pm - 1:00 pm

Located in Salon Foyer E

1:00 pm - 3:15 pm

Sweat the Small Stuff
Lisa Ryan

Located in Kentucky Ballroom Salon E

3:15 pm - 6:45 pm

Optional Activity: Bourbon Tour (For an Additional Fee)
Meet up with other attendees and kick start your Leadership Conference week during our guided bourbon tour that will take you to Old Forester for a tour and tasting, and end with a cocktail experience at one of Louisville's most infamous distilleries.

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Thursday, August 23
Time Session Title
8:00 am - 9:00 am

Located in Kentucky Ballroom Salon A-D

8:00 am - 9:00 am

Located in Salon Foyer E

9:00 am - 10:30 am Driving Innovation & Change
Dirk Beveridge
Located in Kentucky Ballroom Salon E

Do you believe that anything is possible? Dirk Beveridge certainly does. He's convinced that distributors need to inject an "Anything is Possible" mindset into their business as a new mantra while inspiring a new spirit of innovation.

In today’s age of rapid, foundational and disruptive change, leaders at every level of the organization must be able to articulate and communicate their vision of tomorrow. That future reality you really believe is possible… with committed effort.

In this inspiring presentation, Dirk weaves a compelling story of related lessons from highly innovative businesses – from within distribution and beyond – and shows how you can peer into the future to eliminate ambiguity. He then provides specifics steps that you can craft and articulate your vision with the understanding that the only limits are your imagination and creativity. After all…anything is possible.

Sponsored by:

10:30 am - 10:45 am

Located in Salon Foyer E

10:45 am - 12:00 pm A Busy Leader's Guide to Dealing with Difficult Situations (and People)
Sharon Sayler
Located in Kentucky Ballroom Salon E

Learning to effectively and easily diffuse difficult situations (and people) often is the difference between success and failure on the job and A Busy Leader’s Guide to Dealing with Difficult Situations reveals how to eloquently master difficult situations, diffuse disagreements and communicate with tact and grace even in the midst of conflict.

Key takeaways:

  • The three variables to any ‘difficult situation’ and how to overcome them.

  • Why rapport and ‘the know, like and trust factor' rarely work in stressful situations and what to do instead.

  • Easy ways to connect your body language with what your mouth is saying to diffuse conflict and show confidence and competence even during disagreements.

  • Simple steps to develop emotional immunity and transform difficult behavior without drama.

  • The framework to create an environment in which people value honesty, transparency, and results.

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Rep. Brett Guthrie (R-KY)
Located in Kentucky Ballroom Salon A-D

Sponsored by:

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Roundtable Collaboration
Located in Kentucky Ballroom Salon E
Join fellow dealership leaders to discuss hot topics, issues, industry trends, and developments affecting the industry during this structured networking hour.

2:00 pm - 3:15 pm

What to do When Shift Happens: Leadership Lessons for Up-and-Comers
Gregory Tall
Located in Kentucky Ballroom Salon E
So you’ve made the leap from individual contributor to a leadership role. Leading other people can be incredibly difficult—and even more so when things unexpectedly change (i.e. when shift happens). This session will help newly minted leaders anticipate and prepare for some of the shift you’ll deal with as a leader in your business.

Forget about textbooks and leadership models from the 1900s. This interactive session will use contemporary examples from the worlds of business and pop culture—that’s right, there’s a lot to learn from pop culture icons stumbling through their highly visible lives—to illustrate how to be an effective leader when the unexpected happens.

Participants will learn:

  • How to smoothly transition from individual contributor to leadership

  • Principles for good leadership in a dynamic business environment

  • How to communicate with confidence and clarity to build rapport and trust with key stakeholders

  • How to approach and make critical decisions in times of uncertainty

3:15 pm - 3:30 pm


3:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Advocacy is Your Responsibility: Why the Next Generation Needs to Step Up to the Plate

Moderator: Daniel B. Fisher
Located in Kentucky Ballroom Salon E
For better or for worse, what happens in Washington, D.C. has a substantial impact on your company’s bottom line. To help ensure future business success, the next generation of construction equipment dealership owners and executives must engage in the policymaking process. Hear from a panel of your peers why it’s crucial to get involved in AED’s government affairs program and become an advocate for your company and the industry.

4:00 pm - 4:45 pm

The Leadership Development Institute: Developing the Next Generation of Leaders in the Dealership
Moderator: Phil Riggs
Located in Kentucky Ballroom Salon E
Leadership development programs aren’t just an investment in an individual, but an investment in the organization. The more a company focuses on internal leadership development, the better it performs in meeting its objectives. Hear from a panel of Leadership Development Institute (LDI) alums on why developing your “high potentials” is critical to long-term success, and the impact LDI had on them and their dealerships.

4:45 pm - 6:15 pm

Taste of Louisville
Bourbon Reception

Located in Kentucky Ballroom Salon F-G

Sponsored by:

6:15 pm - 8:15 pm

Optional Activity: Whiskey Cellar Dinner (For an Additional Fee)
Have dinner with your with your fellow Leadership Conference attendees in the whiskey cellar at Patrick O'Shea's and enjoy good food and excellent drinks.

Friday, August 24
Time Session Title
8:00 am - 9:00 am

Located in Kentucky Ballroom Salon A-D

8:00 am - 9:00 am

Located in Salon Foyer E

9:00 am - 10:15 am

Leading Across Generations
Darren Ford
Located in Kentucky Ballroom Salon E
Boomers. Xers. Millenials.

Never before have workforce demographics been this challenging. Throw in a few Traditionalists on one end and some Gen Z on the other end and the leadership challenge grows even bigger.

While there are a number of similarities across the generations, there are several differences among the groups. For an organization to reach peak performance, the generations must not only understand each other but work well together.

So how does a leader blend these different generations into a high-performing workforce? Experienced Boomer or Gen X managers must update their motivational and leadership strategies to get the most from younger workers. And some Boomers may have to accept a younger, Millenial boss. Millenials, on the other hand, while bringing unique strengths to the workforce, must appreciate and learn from those who have come before them.

More art than science, helping this diverse group of workers find success and gratification in their daily work is the key to organizational success.

10:15 am - 10:30 am BREAK
Salon Foyer E
10:30 am - 11:30 am

Perfecting the One-on-One Meeting
James Barr
Located in Kentucky Ballroom Salon E
Open communication is crucial to increase productivity and employee satisfaction in the workplace, and at the heart of successful communication is the one-on-one meeting. It's certainly a simple idea that sounds good, but so many managers and direct reports alike complain that these meetings are unhelpful – or worse, don't actually happen at all.

Learn the fundamentals of the one-on-one, including best practices before, during, and after the meeting, and make these meetings more productive and collaborative for you and your team.

11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Building Healthy Habits: Peak Performance for the Young Executive
Dr. Michael Moses
Located in Kentucky Ballroom Salon E
It can be hard to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle when you’re a busy dealership professional. But what are the consequences if you don’t? This session will cover easy ways to incorporate balanced nutrition and mental focus into your workday, so that you can stay on top of your game and maintain peak performance.


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Attendees (as of 8/20/18)

First Name Last Name Organization City State
Gino Morin Anderson Equipment Company Bridgeville PA
Matt Sobacki Atlas Bobcat Elk Grove Village IL
Jillian Barlet Bejac Corporation Sacramento CA
Kevin Barlet Bejac Corporation Sacramento CA
Sean Buchanan Berry Companies, Inc. Wichita KS
Jonathan Berry Berry Tractor & Equip. Co. Wichita KS
Rachel Stoughton BLS Enterprises, Inc. Bensenville IL
Matt Stoughton BLS Enterprises, Inc. Bensenville IL
Ryan Strand Bobcat of the Rockies Folcroft PA
Robert Krutsinger Brandeis Machinery & Supply Co. Louisville KY
Austin Heinrichs Burris Equipment Company Inc. Waukegan IL
Bryan Heinrichs Burris Equipment Company Inc. Waukegan IL
Colin Chenet CC&T Groff Tractor NJ Folcroft PA
Laura Walters CC&T Groff Tractor NJ Folcroft PA
Jeff Kleeb Cisco Equipment Odessa TX
Mark DiSalvo Columbus Equipment Company Columbus OH
Mark Francis Columbus Equipment Company Columbus OH
Cameron Gabbard Company Wrench, Ltd. Carroll OH
Jason Templeton Company Wrench, Ltd. Carroll OH
Jason Faust Construction Machinery Company Inc. Louisville KY
Gerard Calamari Contractors Sales Co. Inc. Albany NY
Michael Hart DLL Wayne PA
William Bayer e-Emphasys Technologies Inc. Cary NC
Shawn Cunningham Equipment Corporation of America Coraopolis PA
Steve Sigmund Equipment Corporation of America Brielle NJ
Anthony Sciortino Equipment Corporation of America Taunton MA
Patrick O' Keeffe Equipment Sales & Service Limited Toronto ON
Steve Ouellette Frank Martin Sons, Inc. Ft. Kent Mills ME
Curtis Ouellette Frank Martin Sons, Inc. Madison ME
Rob Williams Gibson Machinery, LLC Oakwood Village OH
Kyle Farmer Hawthorne CAT San Diego CA
Gus Wilson Heavy Machines, Inc. Memphis TN
John Matulia International Drilling Equipment Rural Hall NC
Rickey Bailey Kirby-Smith Machinery, Inc. Oklahoma City OK
David Kedney Luby Equipment Services Fenton MO
Ted Vitalis Meade Tractor Louisville KY
Rob Cole Meade Tractor Georgetown KY
Jacques Colmaire Modern Group Ltd. Bristol PA
Meredith Newman Newman Tractor, LLC Verona KY
Melissa Brooks Ohio CAT Broadview Heights OH
Janie Hovan Ohio CAT Broadview Heights OH
Trent Braun Power Equipment Co. Colorado Springs CO
Brandon Kyse RDO Equipment Co. Hayward CA
Shane Skinner Record360 Seattle WA
Josh Bottelman Rexco Equipment, Inc. Cedar Rapids IA
Tom Tamlyn Rexco Equipment, Inc. Cedar Rapids IA
Chuck Gallagher Road Machinery & Supplies Co. Des Moines IA
Jamie Carson Road Machinery LLC Phoenix AZ
Kyle McDowell Roland Machinery Co. Springfield IL
Britnee Scott Scott Equipment Fontana CA
Brett Hoopingarner Sentry Insurance Company Brentwood TN
Jonathan Cervero SmartEquip Inc. Chicago IL
Thor Hess Southeastern Equipment Co. Inc. Cambridge OH
Ken Martinek Stevenson Sales & Service South Holland IL
Molly Swanston Swanston Equipment Corporation Fargo ND
Jenna Hasier Synergy Equipment Fort Myers FL
Andy Peters Synergy Equipment Orlando FL
Mark Sullivan TARGIT Tampa FL
Kyle McNerney TARGIT Noblesville IN
Kyle Butler TARGIT Tampa FL
Katelyn Lee Texas State Rentals Tomball TX
Chris Weems Trax Plus Hickory MS
Jeff Cox Veritread Lakeland FL
Brian Ratkovec Veritread Lakeland FL
Craig Drury Vermeer Canada Inc. Brampton ON
Michael Schmidt Vermeer Corporation Pella IA
Jeff Rethmeier Vermeer Equipment de Mexico Zapopan JAL
Corey Vander Molen Vermeer MidSouth, Inc. Jackson MS
Marie Vander Molen Vermeer MidSouth, Inc. Jackson MS
Chad Van Soelen Vermeer Midwest Chesterfield MO
Daniel Carvalho Vermeer Northeast Hopkinton MA
Larry Kayton Vermeer Sales Southwest, Inc. Gilbert AZ
Mark Miller Vermeer Southeast Sales & Service, Inc. Fort Myers FL
Monte Erritt Vermeer Southeast Sales & Service, Inc. Marietta GA
Scott Coley Vermeer Southeast Sales & Service, Inc. Marietta GA
Brian Harris Vermeer Texas-Louisiana Irving TX
Jason Rush Vermeer Texas-Louisiana Irving TX
Darren Tallman Vermeer Texas-Louisiana Irving TX
Wade Willinger Vermeer-Wisconsin, Inc. West Salem WI
David Reid WAJAX Toronto ON
Dave Wilson West Side Tractor Sales Co. Indianapolis IN
Bill Price West Side Tractor Sales Co. Lafayette IN
Diane Benck West Side Tractor Sales Co. Naperville IL
Aimee Johnson Whayne Supply Company Louisville KY
Jonathan Campbell Wheeler Machinery Co. Salt Lake City UT


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Refunds are not permitted within 14 business of the event unless a note is received detailing a medical emergency or other similar event.

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Early registration ends on Jul 08, 2018.
Regular registration starts on Jul 09, 2018 and ends on Aug 19, 2018.
Late registration starts on Aug 20, 2018.
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