Improve Governance

Board Institute Boot Camp Training CD ROMS

  1. The Unique Structure and Regulation of Fraternal Benefit Societies
  2. Board of Director Duties and Responsibilities
  3. Hands On Fingers Off: A Guide to Board Behavior
  4. Interpreting Fraternal Financial Statements

$650 for the set; Add a Moderator: $250 per appearance. Society pays for travels expenses of moderator.

Fraternal Board Self-Assessment Survey Report and Optional Interpretive Analysis

This electronic survey tool, composed of 40+ questions, measures each board member’s opinion of the board’s performance in a quick and effective manner.  Survey results highlight board member sentiment in areas such as shaping the vision and mission; selecting, evaluating and developing the CEO; providing expertise and many others – all of which can be used in long range planning.

Cost:  $750

Please contact to request a list of the self-assessment questions used in this survey and to receive sample pages of the final report generated from your results.

Optional: Interpretive Memo (based on results of Self-Assessment Survey)

Cost:  $1,250

After your organization completes your Alliance Self-Assessment, you can have our governance consultant Todd Martin, Todd Martin Law Office, LLC, produce an analysis of the current board governance practices. 

Live, In-Person Workshops

(Alliance workshops cost approximately $250-$325 per person which includes content and two meals.) 

  • 2017 Board Institute - Core Course    Registration Open!
    June 13, 2017
    Oak Brook, IL - At the Alliance Headquarters Training Room


  • 2017 Board Institute - Master Class
    September 6, 2017
    Chandler, AZ
    At the 2017 Annual Meeting at the Sheraton Wild Horse Pass
    Details coming soon!


  • NAMIC Director Education (Alliance members have access to special pricing.)

Corporate Governance Tool Kit

The Alliance has partnered with Associate Member First Consulting to provide fraternal leaders with a comprehensive resource to help members stay compliance and well managed.     

• Audit, Risk & Compliance Committee Charter
• Corporate Governance Committee Charter
• Board of Directors Corporate Governance Guidelines
• Suitability Criteria for Chief Executive Officers
• Criteria for Board of Director Candidates
• Corporate Governance Compliance Readiness Checklist  
• Enterprise Risk Governance Team Charter
• Enterprise Risk Management Corporate Policy
• Enterprise Risk Management Quarterly Board of Directors Report Template


Corporate Governance Kit:     $2,000

Other Products:

ERM Starter Kit                       $5,000 

ERM Tool Kit                           $2,000

Combo 3 Kits                          $8,000  (purchased together within 6 months)


Corporate Governance Kit:     $1,000

Other Products:

ERM Starter Kit                        $2,500

ERM Tool Kit                            $1,000

Combo 3 Kits                           $4,000 (purchased together within 6 months)

For more information or to order, contact