Fraternal Strategic Services

Fraternal Strategic Services include valuable membership programs that offer societies and associate members access to protection, critical services, savings and revenue generation. Click on any of the items below for more information.

Annual Financial Anaysis

As a valuable member benefit, the American Fraternal Alliance annually provides each US-based society with detailed analysis designed to calculate and evaluate a society’s results for eleven relevant financial ratios.

Compliance PLUS

Compliance PLUS is a proactive and reactive service designed to help members be aware of legislative and regulatory proposals and activities that may impact their insurance operations and/or tax-exempt status; help members comply with legislative and regulatory changes at the state level; and provide members a forum to share information on all these key areas.

D&O and Agent Insurance

Be sure to consider the Fraternal Alliance insurance program when reviewing your society’s risk management strategy. Calsurance is working hard for member societies by offering improved customer service and enhanced product offerings.

Cyber Liability Brokerage

The American Fraternal Alliance has endorsed Lockton Companies as the Cyber Liability broker for the member societies of the Alliance.

Unclaimed Property Services

Keane, the leading provider of unclaimed property services to the insurance industry, is proud to work in partnership with The American Fraternal Alliance to offer its members a free 60 minute audit review. The session will be covered by one of Keane’s experts from our Consulting & Advisory team, which consists of attorneys and certified public accountants with decades of experience on both sides of state audits.

Unclaimed Assets Database Discount

The Alliance has partnered with The Berwyn Group to help members comply with current and pending unclaimed assets regulation by utilizing their products and services at a substantial discount.

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