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Board of Directors

Committee Description

The Board of Directors oversees the operation of the association’s management, differentiates between policy and operational issues that needs to be addressed by the members, provides direction to the executive staff on matters concerning organizational operations, and manages the employment of the executive director. In addition, the Board, reviews budgets, plans and information presented by members and staff.


The board meets monthly.

Committee Leadership

Benjamin N. Tabolt, BIM-R
Global Product Portfolio Manager - Services
Cadet, MO
United States

Ted Hake
(Internal Vice President)
Hake Custom Design, LLC
Canton, OH
United States

Yu-Ngok Lo
(External Vice President)
YNL Architects
Culver City, CA
United States

Larry H. Walker, CPBD, P.E., P.M.P.
Walker Associates Engineers
Paris, TX
United States

Lyle Breeze, CPBD, PP,FAIBD
College of Fellows Chancellor
Breeze & Assocs, Inc.
Tarpon Springs, FL
United States

Bernd Kern, CPBD, BIM-R, CAPS
(Past President (Ex-Officio))
B. B. Kern Designs
Colorado Springs, CO
United States

Steven A Mickley, FAIBD
(Chief Staff Officer (Exec. Dir.))
Executive Director
American Institute of Building Design / AIBD
Jupiter, FL
United States

Brandon Gooden Clokey
(Board Member)
Brandon Gooden Clokey Residential Design
Campbell, OH
United States

Mike Nelson, CPBD
(Board Member)
Nelson Design Group, LLC
Jonesboro, AR
United States

Michael D. Payne, CPBD, LEED-AP
(Board Member)
Empire Drafting and Design, LLC.
Lakewood, CO
United States

James Zirkel, CPBD
(Board Member)
Home Design Services, Inc
Longwood, FL
United States

Jacquilla L. Gillette, CPBD
(Council President)
Seymour, TN
United States