Fall Umpire Seminar

Nov 01, 2017 01:00pm -
Nov 01, 2017 05:00pm

Event Description

Umpire Master Class


We are pleased to announce an exciting line-up for the ARIAS Umpire Master Class on November 1, 2017. 


I. Introduction

II. Organizational Meeting

  1. Setting a date; telephonic or in-person.
  2. Organizational meeting schedule and items to include; dispositive motions.
  3. Disclosures; party objections/questions.
  4. ARIAS form hold harmless stipulation/confidentiality agreement; party objections
  5. Parties’ presentation of their respective cases; attendance by party representatives; questions by Panel.
  6. Arbitration schedule: motion practice, discovery parameters, meet-and-confer requirements, status reports, issue and witness identification, hearing dates; managing parties’ disagreement.


III.  Managing Motion Practice And Discovery – Using Hypothetical Situations

  1. Ex parte communications.
  2. Handling unduly aggressive/disrespectful conduct among counsel, arbitrators; requests for additional briefing time, extension of schedule dates, requests for “reconsideration” and “clarification;” failure to comply with Panel orders; imposition of sanctions for conduct during discovery.
  3. Balancing scope of document production; guidance by “access to records provisions,” FRCP, case law, industry custom and practice, nature of issues in dispute.
  4. Consideration of age of dispute, document retention policies, costs to producing parties.
  5. Resolving privilege disputes; guidance by “access to records provisions,” FRCP, case law, industry custom and practice, nature of issues in dispute.
  6. Deposition-witness issues, including number of fact witnesses, need for expert witnesses, and balancing requests by parties.


IV. Pre-Hearing/Hearing Issues And Considerations – Using Hypothetical Situations

  1. Receipt and discussion of hearing plan, to include structure, timing, witnesses, opening/closing, manner of objections, presentation of evidence,  use of exhibits and demonstratives, use of technology.
  2. Arbitrators’ view:  purpose of: parties’ pre-hearing briefs and exhibits; non- appearing witness testimony.
  3. Arbitrators’ view:  purpose of: opening statements, closing arguments, witness testimony, exhibits, demonstratives; efficacy of lawyers’ objections and argument during hearing.
  4. Panel questioning during hearing of counsel, witnesses, and party representatives; advocacy for one party; de-facto direct or cross-examination.
  5. Panel deliberations; awarding sanctions and/or interest (pre- and post- judgment); drafting award (reasoned or other); dissent.
  6. Post-hearing submissions.


Location: New York Marriott Marquis,1535 Broadway, New York, NY 10036, US


Event Type:Seminar
Category:Educational Seminar
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 2017 November Seminar
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