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Association Overview

The Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA) is the U.S.-based, national and international association that connects scholars, teachers, and practice leaders interested in research on nonprofit organizations, voluntary action, philanthropy and civil society.  Founded in 1971 as the Association of Voluntary Action Scholars, ARNOVA is a neutral, open forum committed to strengthening the research about and helping shape better practice in these realms. We bring together both theoretical and applied interests, helping scholars gain insight into the day-to-day concerns of third-sector organizations, while providing nonprofit professionals with connections to research they can use to improve the work of their organizations and the quality of life for citizens and communities. Principal activities include an annual conference, publications, electronic discussions and special interest groups.

Financial & Management Statements and Reports

One of ARNOVA’s commitments (per our strategic goals) is to “manage ARNOVA’s operations so they are exemplary with respect to strong governance, financial stability, and responsiveness to members.” In keeping with that commitment you will find in this section copies of our most recent audit, most recent 990 form, and other financial and other reports that make transparent the finances and operations of ARNOVA.. Audit reports and 990’s from previous years can be made available upon request.

Available Reports

- Report on Volunteers – 2011
- The 2010/11 Audit Report
- The 2009/10 Audit Report
- 2010 990 Form
- 2009 990 Form

Strategic Plan 2008-2011


(1) Build, improve, disseminate, and promote recognition of knowledge on nonprofit organizations, philanthropy, civil society, and voluntary action.

(2) Create an integrated set of programs and activities that support effective education in nonprofit organizations, philanthropy, civil society and voluntary action.

(3) Manage ARNOVA’s operations so that they are exemplary with respect to strong governance, financial stability, and responsiveness to members.

(4) Attract and retain individuals from under-represented groups into all aspects of ARNOVA's governance, programming, and membership in order to insure that ARNOVA is and continues to be a diverse organization. (Diversity [here] refers to inclusiveness of race and ethnicity, discipline, national origin, region, and theoretical and ideological perspective, with special attention to groups under-represented due to historical patterns of exclusion, discrimination, and lack of resources.)

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Click here to view ARNOVA ByLaws

Board Policy Manual

Click here to view ARNOVA Board Policy Manual

Board of Directors

Members and Officers of ARNOVA’s Board of Director are elected directly by the membership in annual elections.  A slate of candidates to fill positions and seats is offered by the Board to the membership.  Nominations are sought in the spring of each year, and a slate prepared by the end of June.  Balloting is conducted electronically (via the web) in August.  Results are publicized in September.

Board members are elected to 3 year terms, and can serve two consecutive terms.  Officers also serve 3 year terms, except the President who begins as a President-elect, followed by two years as President, and then one more year as Past-President.


Roseanne Mirabella

Seton Hall University

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Committees For ARNOVA
Board & Program Committees 2011-2012

Current as of 5/15/2012 - some additions pending

Conference Planning Committee
Jessica Sowa (co-Chair)
Chao Gua (co-Chair)
Reema Bhakta
Greg Saxton
Sarah Nathan
Francie Ostrower
Tom Breyer
Rob Christensen
Jessica Word

Development Committee
Inactive at present

Diversity Committee
Judith Millesen (co-Chair)
Richard C.K. Hung(co-Chair)
Agnes Meinhard
Paula Kabalo
Tia Sheree Gaynor
Judith Weisinger
RaJade Berry-James
Portia Allen-Kyle

Education Committee
Will Brown (chair)
Judy Millesen
Wes Lindahl
Jeff Greim
Gemma Donnelly Cox
SueAnn Strom
John Casey
Barbara Metelsky
John Ronquillo
Gianfranco Farruggia

Fincance & Audit Committee
Linda Parsons(Chair & Treasurer)
Andrea Roberts
H. Woods Bowman

Membership Committee
Woods Bowman(Chair)
Angela Eikenberry
Monika Hudson
Brenda Bushouse
Karen Froelich

Nominations Committee
Susan Ostrander(Chair)
Roseanne Mirabella
Judith Weisinger
Francie Ostrower

Research Committee
Ramon Borges-Mendez (Chair)
Alan Abramson
Tom Pollak
Jennifer Shea
Wendellyn Reid

Publications Committee
Carl Milofsky (Chair)
Robert Donmoyer
David Horton Smith
Roger Lohmann
John McNutt
Bronwyn Dalton

IT Task Force
Angela Eikenberry (Chair)
Chao Guo
Jessica Sowa
  Awards Committees 2012

Best Dissertation Award Committee
Nancy Kinney(Chair)
More appointments pending …

Distinguished Achievement Award Committee
David Billis (Chair)
Jon Van Til
Elizabeth Boris
Roger Lohmann
Steven Rathgeb Smith
Eleanor Brown

Book Awards Committee
Jennifer Shea (Chair)
John Wilson
Nuno S. Themudo
Ramon Borges-Mendez
Christopher Einolf
Amy Singer
Diane Vinokur Kaplan

NVSQ Best Article Committee
Lehn Benjamin (Chair)
Bernard Enjolras
Claudia Petrescu
Mark Hager
Heather Carpenter

Emerging Scholars Awards Committee
Greg Saxton(Chair)
Thad Calabrese
Naoto Yamauchi
Darlene Xiomara Rodriguez
Rhonda Whitfield

Conference Scholarships Committee
Lili Wang (Chair)
Triparna Vasavada
Eva Witesman
Jen Shang

Best Paper (for 11) Committee
Paul-Brian McInerney (Chair)
John McNutt
Gemma Donnelly-Cox
Ramya Ramanatha

RGK President’s Award Committee
Steven R. Smith (Chair)
Dennis Young
David Hammack

ARNOVA Annual Conference

ARNOVA’s Annual Conference convenes researchers, scholars and practice leaders of nonprofit and voluntary organizations from around the world to present and discuss papers related to issues in nonprofit studies, voluntary action and philanthropy. The cutting edge research presented at the conference helps to build the body of knowledge about the organizations, purposes and development of the sector, and to inform those working in and with these organizations and their stakeholders.


ARNOVA currently has two primary publications. The Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, the official journal of ARNOVA, is the leading scholarly journal in the field of nonprofit, philanthropic and civil society studies. It is now published six times a year. ARNOVA News, our newsletter, is published three times a year for members.  It contains not only news of the Association and its members, but also articles about members’ research, and essays on issues in the field. 

In addition, ARNOVA has published five volumes in its Occasional Paper Series. Most recently this series involved two reports from special Symposia ARNOVA created that focused on the state of research about Public Policy towards Nonprofits. These include: Public Policy for Nonprofits: A Report (March 2011), and Finances of Nonprofits & Public Policy (November 2011).  The Symposia and these reports examined the state of research about these topics, exploring what we know, don’t know, and need to know to help make better public policy to support a healthy nonprofit sector.  Each report offers a suggested agenda for research that could improve our knowledge about the most urgent issues.

Earlier volumes were edited collections. One previous volume, issued in a 2nd Edition in 2009, was Emerging Areas of Volunteering. This includes articles on episodic volunteering, virtual volunteering, cross-national volunteering, and employee volunteer programs. This volume also revisits two longstanding forms of volunteer involvement — volunteering to government and volunteering to nonprofit organization boards of directors — to propose theoretical or empirical advances in how we address these topics. This report is still available and is often used in college level courses on Volunteering and Volunteer Management.

Another report in this series was Research on Social Entrepreneurship: Understanding and Contributing to an Emerging Field (2006).  This shed light on promising approaches to researching social entrepreneurship, from both academics and practitioners, and covered a range of topics. The volume offered recommendations for several promising areas of social entrepreneurship research, including new legal forms for hybrid organizations, capitalization of enterprise activity, the state of education for the next generation of social entrepreneurs, and international comparisons of social enterprise models.

Philanthropy in Communities of Color — the first volume published in the Occasional Paper Series — focused on giving and volunteering traditions in communities of color.

ARNOVA is currently exploring new publication projects that would allow it to bring both new and significant but out of print material in our field to researchers and the public.

Electronic Discussion Group

The ARNOVA-L listserv was established as an international electronic forum for anyone using or interested in nonprofit organizations, voluntary action or philanthropy, to facilitate the rapid sharing of concerns, interests, problems and solutions among interested scholars and practitioners.

ARNOVA Sections

ARNOVA has a number of special interest groups for members:

The Community and Grassroots Associations (CGA) Section of ARNOVA is a formal subgroup of ARNOVA members interested in community organizations grassroots associations, self-help groups, and other phenomena related to these kinds of groups, such as voluntary associations, all-volunteer groups, small paid-staff nonprofits, faith-based volunteer groups, volunteerism in independent groups, volunteer participation and motivation, social action/advocacy groups, social movement groups, smaller interest groups and citizen participation groups.

The Pracademics Section's purpose is "to build more effective academic-practitioner relationships in order to foster and disseminate high-quality research and strengthen nonprofit management education, community service, voluntary action, and philanthropic studies."

Social Entrepreneurship/Enterprise Section (SEES) facilitates the interaction among ARNOVA members who are interested in increasing the level of research, debate, and understanding regarding organizations, projects, and activities/initiatives associated with social entrepreneurship and/or social enterprise. Broadly defined, these terms refer to initiatives that are associated with aspects of innovation and modes of earned income generation by nongovernmental organizations (i.e., nonprofit organizations).

The Teaching Section of ARNOVA provides a forum for discussion, information sharing, networking and research among those who teach about the nonprofit sector and philanthropic studies. This section attempts to build a community of scholars and practitioners who are committed to improving the teaching and learning of nonprofit sector and/or philanthropic studies.

Theories, Issues, and Boundaries (TIBS) explores the broad and fundamental questions related to the nature and identity of the field of nonprofit studies. This involves examining, discussing, and debating its epistemological, philosophical, and political dimensions and assumptions. This endeavor will provide critical analysis that will hopefully influence future research agendas, both theoretically and practically oriented.

The Values, Religion, Altruism, and Drawbacks Section (VRADS) seeks to provide a home within ARNOVA for those scholars of the Voluntary Nonprofit Sector (VNPS), broadly conceived, who are engaged in theoretical and/or empirical exploration of the role of values in the sector. Values can range from very beneficial, altruistic, and "good," to those forms that are harmful, self-serving, and "evil" at the other extreme.

ARNOVA Volunteers -- A Report

Volunteers play a critical role in the work of the Association.  Indeed, everything we do is dependent on their contributions of time, energy, skill and wisdom to our mission.  They govern our association and serve on many crucial committees, choose winners of awards and scholarships, and help create and implement the plans for our Conference every year – just to name a few vital roles they play.  We “audit” their contributions each year, and know that if we added the monetary value of their contributions to our balance sheet each year that would increase our revenues by more than a third.  To see the most recent results of that audit, click on Report on Volunteers – 2011


Mission Statement:
ARNOVA is a leading interdisciplinary community of people dedicated to fostering through research and education, the creation, application and dissemination of knowledge on nonprofit organizations, philanthropy, civil society and voluntary action.

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