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Disciplinary Policy

The NBHHC certification is offered to participants who have a history of leadership and professional experience. The expectation of the NBHHC is that recipients of this certification exhibits professional and ethical behavior. If behavior does not meet the Code of Ethics developed by the NBHHC there will be the possibility of disciplinary action.

Grounds for Action

Conviction of any felony or misdemeanor or pleading guilty or no-contest to any felony or misdemeanor which results in loss of licensure.

Complaints of conduct that may be harmful to the public or inappropriate to the discipline.

False representations of certification and recertification information.

False representation of credentials in advertising.

Breach of Confidentiality policy.



Complaints may be transmitted in writing to :

Chair of NBHHC c/o Education Director

3780 Rosin Ct., Ste. 150

Sacramento, CA 95834


The complaint will be reviewed by NBHHC Board at their next scheduled meeting to investigate and determine whether there are grounds for action. Investigation will include the opportunity of the certificant to answer the complaint.



The NBHHC may take any of the following actions against certificants, applicants and non-certificants whom the NBHHC has determined to have engaged in certification misconduct. The action taken must reasonably relate to the nature and severity of the violation.

Written assurance

Denial of eligibility for any or all NBHHC certifications

Suspension of certification for a designated period determine by the NBHHC

Permanent revocation of any and all NBHHC certifications.


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