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CCAR Questions and Answers

Membership Application

I just received my real estate license from TREC. What do I have to do next?
Complete your
application to CCAR. You can mail, fax or bring in your completed application to our CCAR office, along with a copy of your real estate license or copy of the Sponsorship form you filled out with your new Broker. Our Membership department will help you get started as a CCAR member and will register you for the New Member Orientation class.

Do I need a copy of my real estate license in order to join?
Yes. If you do not have a copy of your license, you can get it from your Broker; if you haven’t received it from TREC yet, then you can bring in a copy of the Sponsorship Form you sent to TREC to receive your real estate license; or the email confirmation you received from TREC with your license number. Any of these three will be accepted for the application of membership.

What if I have my license active on TREC and I joined a Broker who is a member of CCAR but I don’t want to join the Association. What benefits do I receive?
None. If you join a Broker who is a member of CCAR but yourself don’t plan to join, you will be considered a Non-Member Salesperson (Unreported Licensee). You will still have to pay Annual Dues ($470.00). This is when we recommend you join ($515.00 Annual Dues) and be able to market yourself as a REALTOR®, have access to TAR Contracts and NAR member discounts. As a CCAR member you can purchase Store Items at a discounted price and you can sign up for MLS when you are ready. Without being a member you cannot market yourself as a REALTOR®. Your For Sale signs will have to read “Sales Person”.

What if I am transferring from another association?
Complete a membership application and fax, mail or bring your completed application, along with a copy of the Salesperson Sponsorship form, and a Letter of Good Standing from your previous Association to the CCAR office. The letter of good standing needs to state that you have paid your current annual dues (NAR, TAR and Local). If your current annual dues have been paid, you will only be charged the local prorated Association dues ($233.00).

I do not have a real estate license. Can I be a CCAR member?
Yes. CCAR offers an affiliate membership. Affiliate members can be home inspectors, mortgage companies, title companies, printing companies, Insurance agents, non-profit organizations, attorneys, electric providers as well.


Membership Annual Dues

How much does it cost to join?
That depends on your membership type. Membership dues are set annually by the Local, State and National Associations, and so are subject to change each year. A yearly full membership is currently $515.00. This can be paid by cash, check or credit card.

When are membership dues due?
Dues are paid at time of application. First time dues are prorated monthly. Annual membership renewal is billed around October 1st of each year. These dues are sent out by email. Annual dues must be received by December 1st to avoid a late fee. Membership dues are subject to change at the discretion of the association's needs.


Membership Benefits

What is included in my membership fees?
Memberships to CCAR (Corpus Christi Association of REALTORS®), TAR (Texas Association of REALTORS®) and NAR (National Association of REALTORS®) are included in your membership.

Why do I have to pay dues to three REALTOR® associations?
CCAR operates at the local level, TAR at the state level, and NAR on the national level. The associations work together to create an organized real estate market. You cannot be a member of only one of these Associations. You can be member of multiple Local Associations, but you have to be a TAR and NAR member as well.

What types of services does CCAR provide?
CCAR provides MLS access, Supra keys to open houses, Continuing Education and technology classes, marketing tools and governmental affairs opportunities.

  • MLS – DiscoverMLS, Mobile MLS, Tech Support, Virtual Tour Software, Realist Tax info
  • Supra – ActiveKey, eKey, LockBoxes
  • Education – 6 hours free MCE Classes, Technology classes
  • Marketing – List serve, Membership Luncheons, REALTOR® Store, Board Office use
  • Governmental Affairs – TREPAC, Legislative trips to Austin


New Member Orientation

What is covered in Orientation?
We explore all benefits of membership and resources offered by each association, REALTOR® Safety and professionalism. You will meet CCAR staff and understand the role of CCAR as a business partner in your work, and how your dues are spent.

Do I have to attend CCAR orientation? Why?
Yes. CCAR is in the business of helping REALTORS® connect to resources, tools, research and other REALTORS®. Orientation teaches new members how to access the REALTOR® resources through the association and understands CCAR operating policies and procedures. Only upon completion of Orientation and The Code of Ethics training are you a member of the association, and able to call yourself a "REALTOR®."

When are the next Orientation dates?
CCAR offers New Member Orientation the first Wednesday of every month to easily accommodate all new members. All members must complete Orientation within 45 days of submitting their application.

What if I cannot attend the New Member Orientation?
Attendance of New Member Orientation at CCAR is mandatory. It is an NAR requirement that new REALTORS® attend this class to be familiarized with what being a REALTOR® means and what does entail to be an Association member. However, if you fail to attend your scheduled class you have one more chance to attend the following Orientation. If attendance is not possible for the second date, then MLS access will be suspended for the member until this class attendance requirement is met. There is no fee for the class, neither for not attending the Orientation. Per the CCAR bylaws, the applicant is a real estate licensee but not a REALTOR® until new member requirements are fulfilled, including orientation.

Do I need to attend orientation before I get access to MLS or to the LockBoxes?
As long as you apply for membership and pay membership dues, MLS fees and Supra Key fees, access will begin immediately for the Supra Keys and within an hour for MLS.


Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

Do I get MLS access with CCAR Membership? When does it begin?
Yes, if you choose this type of membership. An Agent can be a CCAR member only, MLS member only, or both. CCAR owns and operates the Coastal Bend MLS. For CCAR membership MLS access is an additional fee billed quarterly. After your application is processed, you should be able to access DiscoverMLS in about an hour. You will receive an email confirmation when your account is active and you are able to login to MLS.

Can I have MLS access without joining CCAR?
Yes. This membership type is called MLS Only membership. New members can become members of the Coastal Bend Multiple Listing Service (CBMLS). MLS Only members are required to be an active member of any other State Association. The REALTOR® has to pay Annual Dues (NAR, TAR and Local Dues) in order to be accepted as a CBMLS member, therefore a Letter of Good Standing is required at joining from the current Association. Brokers have to join first in order for Agents to join.

I haven’t received an email with my invoice for the MLS Quarterly fee. Can I have the late fee waived?
No. The invoices that are being sent out by email are more of a guideline or reminder to pay the MLS fees. They are not a requirement for the fee payment. Every member is automatically billed every quarter and it is the individual Agent’s responsibility to remember to pay these fees. Unfortunately CCAR does not have a system that could monitor or ensure that emails are being received by every agent. Late fees will have to be paid if the MLS fee is not paid in time.

What type of computer do I need to run the MLS system? What about software?
Any browser and any computer including Apple Mac are compatible. All MLS software is browser based. The MLS is also accessible on mobile devices including iPads at no extra charge.


How do I access DiscoverMLS?
DiscoverMLS can be accessed at http://cbmls.discovermls.com with the user ID and password provided to you at joining. The initial password will have to be changed as soon as access is granted.

What if I forget my DiscoverMLS password?
If you forget your password click on "Forgot my password" and follow the directions. If you need more information you can contact either the DiscoverMLS Helpdesk (855-338-5229, support@techhelpline.com ) or CCAR Member Services (361-991-8221, Raquel@ccarmail.com) during normal business hours. Need to change/update your email address? Please send an email from your new address to Raquel@ccarmail.com and include your full name and User ID. Email address updates can only be done during normal business hours.


Member Details

How do I log in to pay my dues/MLS Fees

Every Agent has a login to our site at www.ccaronline.com. User ID is your email address on record with us and the password depends on if you are existing or new member. Follow the instructions on our site. All open invoices and paid receipts will be under My Transactions.

When does my license expire?
Your license expiration date is printed on your real estate license. Your real estate license is sent directly to your broker or emailed to you. Please address any licensing questions to either your broker or TREC.

Can I get my mail sent to my home address?
All billings, such as membership dues, MLS statements and Supra Key invoices are emailed to you. Please keep your address updated with CCAR.

What is the Code of Ethics Training?
Members have to take their code of ethics every four years. It is a mandatory training to keep the membership with NAR. When joining the Association as a brand new Salesperson, the COE is included in the Principles class that was taken in order to obtain the real estate license. For REALTORS® who reinstate their membership and haven’t taken the COE in the past 4 years, they have to take it within 90 days from joining the Board. More information about the NAR Quadrennial Ethics can be found at www.realtor.org or email Loretta@ccarmail.com for COE class schedules with credit.


KeyBox System

Will the LockBox fit on all doors?
Yes, most of the times. If the LockBox cannot be placed on the door, they can also be placed on railings, garage door handles, gas meters and water bibs.

How do I recharge the LockBox battery if it’s low?
The lithium battery in the Supra iBox cannot be recharged or replaced. The expected life is approximately 8 years. If your iBox has a low charge (20%), you can bring the box to the association and we will replace it.

Lockbox shackle will not release and I tried everything. How do I take it off the doorknob?
First make sure you have the right shackle code for the Lockbox. If you are uncertain please call CCAR for the shackle code. CCAR has a bolt cutter that Agents can borrow for 24 hours. There is a $50.00 deposit required to borrow the bolt cutter.

How much does the Supra key cost?
The Supra keypad is leased. The lease amounts to $235.63 every year with an additional optional $25.00 Insurance fee in case the key is lost or stolen. Supra also charges an activation fee of $50.00.
If you have an eKEY (the software on your wireless smart phone) you are billed monthly ($20.03 + tax for BASIC service or $35.56 + tax for PROFESSIONAL service). BASIC version is just for opening LockBoxes and shackle codes. The PROFESSIONAL version has the membership Roster and a basic MLS search added to the BASIC version.

How much do the LockBoxes cost?
LockBoxes are for purchase only (no lease available) at $99.00 + tax. Occasionally CCAR has used LockBoxes for sale $85.00 +tax. Used LockBoxes are rarely available, so please call CCAR first to check if there are any. CCAR also buys back LockBoxes for $50.00 if any agent does not need them anymore (limitations apply).

What is my PIN code?
Call the CCAR office at 361.991.8221 for questions regarding your PIN or LockBox shackle codes.

What if I get out of real estate? Can I break this lease?
You may terminate the lease at any time and for any reason. To terminate the lease, simply return your Supra ActiveKey to the Association office. You will not receive a refund for the remainder of the lease. You will be released from the contract immediately upon termination.

Do I need to update my eKEY every day?
No. Your eKey will automatically update during the night.

My eKey did not update. What do I do?
If the update doesn’t occur during scheduled time, then you can update it manually by clicking on the eKey app on your phone and selecting the wireless update. If there is still an “X” on the “update key” option then call CCAR to generate an authorization code that will send a signal to your phone and your eKey will update right away. If this still won’t update your key, then manually enter the authorization code obtained from CCAR.
You can also get a temporary emergency update code by calling Supra 877-699-6787 option 0# and ask for tech support. This is only a temporary fix, therefore as soon as CCAR opens during office hours you can call and an authorization code will be issued again.

What if I lose my ActiveKey?
Notify CCAR immediately. ActiveKeys are leased devices. If you purchased insurance when SUPRA billing was sent out (November of every year), CCAR will replace the lost key with a new one. If you don’t have insurance, a fee of $250.00 will be charged by SUPRA and a new keypad issued. This fee is payable by credit card. If you paid the $250.00 and you find your lost ActiveKey, return it to the CCAR office within 30 days and Supra will give you a full refund. If you return it after 30 days, you will receive the refund minus a $30.00 restocking fee. For refunds please call Supra at 877-699-6787.

How do I know who visited my listings?
View the showing activity on SupraWeb. Go to www.supraekey.com and login to KIM. You will see a "view showing activity" link. If you registered your LockBoxes on KIM (which you are required to do) you will see activity for each LockBox listed.

What is the difference between an iBox (Lockbox) and an iBoxBT?
iBoxes require a Fob to be opened. iBoxBT has a built in bluetooth system where the phone ekey app can open them without the need for a Fob.