COSA Affiliate Organizations

Northwest Women in Educational Administration (NWEA)
NWEA was formed in 1978 and provides information, encouragement and support for women serving as school administrators and to women aspiring to be administrators.  NWEA holds a strong commitment to mentor those who demonstrate promise as future school administrators, to support practicing school administrators, and to continue our dedication to achieve greater equity, justice and diversity in Oregon schools. In its nearly three decades of existence, NWEA has provided a rich array of services to members including principal and superintendent training workshops, skill-building for resume writing and interviewing, presentations at COSA conferences, and regional meetings around the state designed to meet the needs of administrators and aspiring administrators.  NWEA became affiliated with COSA in 1991.

Oregon Association of Latino Administrators (OALA)
OALA was formed in 2002 as a vehicle to support and mentor Latino administrators as well as Latino educators who aspire to become administrators in Oregon. OALA serves as a forum for Latino administrators and educational leaders that promotes equity in leadership positions throughout Oregon.

Oregon Middle Level Association (OMLA)
OMLA is an organization comprised not only of administrators but also teachers, counselors, and others interested in advancing effective educational practice of the early adolescent.  The Oregon Association of Secondary School Administrators (OASSA) and Oregon Elementary School Principals Association (OESPA), both umbrella organizations of COSA, are represented on the board of OMLA, as well as a representatives from higher education and regional representatives from seven regions of the state.  The mission of OMLA is to provide a network of middle school educators to support one another in the implementation of proven strategies that are appropriate for and effective with 10-to-15 year olds.  They accomplish this through regular newsletter publications, conducting an annual conference, and providing informational resources on their website.

Oregon Association of Student Councils (OASC)
OASC is a non-profit member association, serving middle and high schools throughout the state. OASC provides leadership development to both students and advisors. Sponsored by COSA, OASC's original constitution was written in 1954.

Oregon School Personnel Association (OSPA)
The purpose of OSPA is to: a) foster the staffing of Oregon school systems with the highest qualified individuals; and b) encourage and assist in the development and utilization of exemplary school personnel administration practices. All individuals with responsibilities for personnel administration and related functions in public, private, or post secondary school systems in the State of Oregon are invited to become members of OSPA.  OSPA's major activities are providing Teach Oregon/EdZapp services, conducting the annual Oregon Professional Educator Fair, and the Human Resources training project (HELP).

Northwest Accrediation Commission (NWAC) A division of AdvancED.
The mission of Oregon NWAC is "to advance excellence in education through the process of accreditation."  NWAC currently accredits over 400 public and private schools and programs in the following categories:  Elementary Schools, Middle Level Schools, High Schools, K-12 Schools, Special Purpose Schools, Supplementary Programs and Distance Education Schools.