COSA/Department Leaders

OACOA Executive Committee

Committee Description

Oregon Association of Central Office Administrators (OACOA) membership is open to any supervisory personnel who are excluded from the bargaining unit and whose job descriptions are to coordinate, supervise, and/or evaluate instructional programs, curriculum and/or personnel.  This includes Administrators, Directors of Human Resources/Personnel, Directors of Student Services, Directors of Special Education, Business Managers, Coordinators of Special Programs, Curriculum Directors, Special Education Coordinators, Athletic Directors, Technology Directors and IT/IS.

The purpose of the executive committee is to provide opportunities for increasing the competence of persons engaged in supervisory activities in Oregon schools; provide an organizational framework which represents supervisors in statewide education discussion and decisions; and encourage professional communication among members.

Elections for OACOA officers are held annually.  OACOA presidents serve three years (as president-elect, president and past-president).  OACOA regional and at-large representatives serve three-year terms.

Committee Leadership
Ms Joan Steiner
Director of Special Programs
Scappoose SD 1J
Scappoose, OR
United States

Danielle A Sheldrake
(President Elect)
Administrator of Student Services
Beaverton SD - Special Education
Beaverton, OR
United States

Dawne R Huckaby
(Past President)
Director of Teaching & Learning
Roseburg SD 4
Roseburg, OR
United States

Ms Catherine Carlson
(Regional Representative)
Testing & Evaluation
Salem-Keizer SD
Salem, OR
United States

Debra M Connolly
(Regional Representative)
Supervisor of Curriculum and Assessment
Medford SD 549
Medford, OR
United States

Dr Cynthia Marie Jaeger
(Regional Representative)
County Education Coordinator
Northwest Regional ESD (Columbia Service Center)
St. Helens, OR
United States

Mr William Stewart
(Regional Representative)
Gladstone SD 115
Gladstone, OR
United States

Eric Volger
(Regional Representative)
Director of School Improvement Services
InterMountain ESD
Pendleton, OR
United States

Martha Hinman
(At Large Member)
Director of Student Services
Redmond SD 2J
Redmond, OR
United States

Mr. David Williams
(At Large Member)
Director-Government Relations
Portland SD 1J
Portland, OR

Angie Peterman
(Ex-Officio Member)
Executive Director, Business
Salem, OR
United States

Mr Chuck A White
(Ex-Officio Member)
Silverton, OR
United States

Craig Hawkins
(COSA Executive Director)
Executive Director
Confederation of Oregon School Administrators
Salem, OR
United States