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Sexual Harassment Prevention - Train the Trainer (B)
(Event: 2016 Annual Staffing & Recruiting Conference)

May 19, 2016 1:45pm - May 19, 2016 4:00pm
Session Type: Tutorial
Track: Workshop


CSP 2016

“Train the Trainer”

Sexual Harassment Prevention Class

Program Highlights


After You Get Your CA mandated Sexual Harassment Prevention training
at Conference 2016 – You can get your “Train the Trainer” training!


This training can be used to give general harassment training to both supervisors and a general employee population, in your firm or anywhere.



The “train the trainer” module will educate attendees on how to provide Sexual Harassment Prevention training.  Only a “qualified individual” may give the training in order for the training to satisfy the requirements under California law. 


Harassment prevention training is a key resource in the development of company culture and for risk prevention.  California Assembly Bill 1825 requires all California employers, with 50 or more employees, to provide two hours of harassment prevention training once every two years to the company’s supervisors.  


Companies with less than 50 employees are still advised to provide this training as they are subject to the same harassment, discrimination and retaliation laws as larger employers.


The program is interactive and practical, teaching essential skills while discussing the legally required harassment related topics


Lonnie Giamela with the Law Offices at Fisher & Phillips will conduct an informative and entertaining training program designed to help your company comply at a cost-effective price. The training program is also beneficial for supervisors at smaller companies.

  • You do not have to be a conference attendee to attend this training.
  • For groups of three or more from the same company, email Diane Skullr at for a discount code




Sexual Harassment Prevention Training (B)


                    Before 4/6/16             After 4/6/16
CSP member:  $199.00                     $249.00
Non-Member:   $249.00                      $279.00


Prerequisite: Completion of the CA mandated Sexual Harassment Prevention training. You must bring your certificate of completion to class. 

CSP members who register for this "Train the Trainer" class may attend the Sexual Harassment Prevention Training at NO additional charge, a savings of $39.00. 

Please select (a) & (b) when registering.


Conference Attendees: Please select full conference and add this session during the registration process.


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