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Shipping and Handling

Shipping Charges (USA Addresses)


Total Price of all Items Ordered:


up to $24.99


$25.00 to $49.99


$50.00 to $74.99


$75.00 to $99.99


$100.00 to $149.99


$150.00 to $199.99


$200.00 or more



Shipping Methods

Most orders are shipped by UPS; however, UPS requires a street address, not a P.O. Box. Please provide a street address for shipping; shipments to P.O. Boxes will ship by U.S. Postal Service.


Other Shipping Options

Overnight and 2-Day shipping are available.  Contact 202-688-4171 for pricing.


International Shipping

Contact 202-688-4171 for pricing.


Overnight vs. Regular Delivery

With overnight delivery, we cannot guarantee your order will be delivered in 24 hours. Overnight delivery means overnight from the time the order is processed and shipped from our fulfillment warehouse. Order processing sometimes takes up to 72 hours. Overnight delivery does not apply to weekends and holidays; in those instances, overnight delivery means the next business day after shipment. 

Regular delivery can take roughly 10 business days from the time the order is processed and shipped. When you add order processing time, your order could arrive 10-15 business days after you place it.