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DCAR committees consist of hard working volunteers who take the time out of their busy schedules and dedicate it to the betterment of our association. We are always currently seeking eager, energetic & enthusiastic volunteers our committees.

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The board of directors are the governing body responsible for leading the association.
Your knowledgable, hardworking and dedicated staff.
Purpose: Select and promote educational events to meet the members’ needs for professional development and continuing education. Educational events are intended to be a “break even” budgetary item. Primary Duties: · Coordinate with AE regarding New Member Orientation Classes · Review and select courses to be offered · Ensure communication with general membership regarding educational events · Assist in the selection of a classroom location · Assist with physical set-up and clean-up of classroom when needed · Coordinate with AE to ensure class materials are prepared and delivered to the classroom, attendance documentation is in order, and certificates are properly issued · Assist with obtaining and distributing refreshments when needed
Purpose: To develop policy promoting equal opportunity in housing and diversity within the real estate industry. As well as identify the concerns and needs of minority members and to assist in the development of actions to address those concerns and needs Primary Duties: · To coordinate the Association's activities to increase diversity within the real estate profession and the NAR membership · To serve as ambassadors to minority real estate organizations in the United States. · To identify diversity and fair housing education needs and goals. · To promote changes in real estate business practices to reflect the growing cultural diversity within the United States.
Purpose: To further enhance the value of DCAR membership, increase association involvement & awareness, collectively help our Realtors to build their businesses, further unite our membership base of 850+, learn & grow together, socialize, all while having fun!
Purpose: Establish and maintain membership involvement in local, state, and national legislative issues. Primary Duties: · Maintain knowledge of legislative issues relevant to real estate professionals · Ensure communication to general membership regarding those legislative issues · Encourage participation in NAR and Mar Call to Action programs · Encourage participation in Capitol Conference · Communicate with area legislators regarding issues relevant to real estate professionals
Purpose: To work with the professional standards committee in enforcing the Code of Ethics. Primary Duties: · Review grievances and determine weather or not they are eligible for a professional standards hearing
Purpose: Our mission and vision is to be a liaison and promote good will to DCAR Members and Affiliates regarding membership in our Association. Primary Duties: · Recruiting new members and affiliates · Initiate inter-committee groups to work on special events for DCAR · Soliciting sponsorships from Affiliates to assist in defraying costs to the members · Updating the membership blog on, · Working together as a committee and brainstorming ideas that will bring value to the organizations members
Purpose: To select qualified candidates for seats on the DCAR Board of Directors
Purpose: To enforce the REALTOR code of ethics. · Promote and enforce the NAR's Code of Ethics. · Have an effective Grievance, Professional Standards and Arbitration process. · Provide mediation and alternative dispute resolution. · Develop, distribute and promote Professional Conduct guidelines. · Develop cooperative attitudes, positive relationships and improved collegiality among members.
Program Committee- Purpose: Manage the monthly general membership meetings and other programs as assigned by the Board of Directors. General membership meetings involving dinner and/or other entertainment are intended to be a “break even” budgetary item. Primary Duties: All responsibilities are to be performed within established budgetary guidelines and in a timely manner. · Select location for membership meetings · Ensure the facility has adequate space and the ability to serve the anticipated number of attendees · Ensure audio visual needs are available · Select menu · Determine the per person charge · Ensure communication to general membership regarding the meeting time, and details · Select program topic · Schedule speaker for the topic
Purpose: This committee awards an association member who demonstrates outstanding involvement in the community the REALTOR of the YEAR award. Primary Duties: · Review Rules and Regulations, Application, and Selection Criteria. Recommend changes as needed. · Ensure timely communication with the general membership regarding the nomination/application process and deadline. · Ensure applications are distributed to nominees · Evaluate applicants and select award recipients using the approved Selection Criteria
RPAC (REALTOR Political Action Committee) Purpose: Develop and implement programs to meet local RPAC fund raising goals. Primary Duties: All responsibilities are to be performed within established budgetary guidelines and in a timely manner. · Maintain awareness of current issues being addressed by RPAC · Encourage and motivate members to make RPAC contributions · Ensure contributions are transmitted according to required timelines · Provide recognition/reward for contributors