On Foot Downtown

With more that 75,000 people living in downtown and surrounding areas, like Yaletown and the West End, walkers rule the streets of downtown. In fact, the percentage of people walking downtown has already exceeded the City’s 18% target for 2021. Today 65% of trips to downtown are done on foot.

The downtown peninsula is easy to navigate with water on two sides and Stanley Park on a third. It’s a planned city, so most streets run parallel or perpendicular to the water. If you get lost, just remember: the mountains are North.

If you need help, just ask a Downtown Ambassador® for assistance. You’ll recognize them by their distinct red uniforms and friendly smiles.

And, pick up a map before you head out.

Interested in seeing art in Vancouver? The Arts and Cultural Guide to BC provides a self-guided walking tour of some of the city's great cultural venues as well as public works on display throughout the downtown streets.
City of Vancouver’s Downtown Transportation Plan and 2006 Progress Report.

In May 2010 WestJet's up! magazine named Vancouver the most walkable city in Canada for the second year in a row.


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