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Charter:  The Renewable Energy Committee is a forum for members of the Energy Bar Association to discuss developments, exchange ideas, and promote improved regulation in the broad areas of domestic and international (i) renewable energy and (ii) environmental law as it affects energy development. Renewable energy for purposes of this Committee includes hydroelectric, solar, wind, geothermal, biomass, bioenergy, cogeneration, fuel cells, landfill gas, hydrogen, waste-to-energy, and other renewables. The Committee will:

Stimulate open discussion of relevant cutting edge topics or developments in the law or policy through brown bag lunches or other events.
Serve as a resource for the Energy Bar Association Programs and Meetings Committee for both substantive topic development and design and coordination of speaker panels of interest to the membership.
Identify significant areas of law that are ripe for scholarly publication, and encourage and support appropriate submissions to the Energy Law Journal.
Hold committee meetings at least annually for the purpose of furthering and reevaluating the Committee's charter.
Periodically submit reports suitable for publication in the Energy Law Journal.

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