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Eastern Rural Telecom Association
P.O. Box 6263
Raleigh, NC 27628-6263
Tel: 919-708-7464
Fax: 919-708-5226

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Carole McLamb
Executive Director


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Rebecca Wyhof
Program Director

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Jerry Weikle
Regulatory Consultant


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About ERTA

ERTA Mission

The Eastern Rural Telecom Association (ERTA) is comprised of a united group of rural telephone companies operating in the Eastern United States as well as businesses that provide services or products to the member telephone companies.


ERTA membership provides a unique position for members to participate in collaborative legislative and regulatory activities and dialogue issues concerning telecommunications services. ERTA membership also provides opportunities to promote and strengthen the relationship between members and financial/lending institutions, including governmental agencies; complement and work with state, regional and national organizations; and to support members through education and networking activities.


1:  Rate of Return


2:  Intercarrier Compensation


3:  Universal Service/Broadband Support


4:  RUS Lending


ADVOCACY COMMITTEE:  Provide a forum for members to connect and discuss the impact of regulatory and legislative issues on business operations.  Work with the ERTA President to develop legislative and regulatory policy recommendations for the ERTA Board.  Identify legislative and regulatory areas for ERTA to participate in to promote approved policy positions.  ERTA advocacy efforts may include participation in meetings, the submission of comments or the submission of letters.  The Advocacy Committee will attempt to identify common issues to work on, while respecting the diversity of member company views on various issues. Monthly forum calls are open to all members.

ANNUAL CONFERENCE COMMITTEE:  Identify industry issues and opportunities to bring meaningful presentations, and seminars to the membership.  Seek active involvement of all ERTA members by promoting participation at ERTA conferences and other events.  Connect and engage members in quality networking, idea sharing, and problem solving seminars and programs.  Work with the ERTA Officers and staff to coordinate the Annual Conference and to develop other programmed events to provide educational, leadership and networking value-added opportunities for ERTA members. 

ASSOCIATE MEMBER COMMITTEE:  Provide a forum for Associate Members who provide products and services to the telecommunications industry to interact and share information.  Promote interaction of Associate Members with other ERTA members.  Provide a venue for Associate Members to showcase their products, plus provide educational presentations at the Annual Conference and other ERTA events. 

Board of Directors Information

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Past Presidents:   
2007-2009 R. Craig Smith
2005-2007 Sam Ebbesen    
2003-2005 James Bond    
2002-2003 Desda Hutchins    
2000-2001 Tom Wing    
1998-1999 Hugo Miller    
1996-1997 Joseph D. Fail    
1994-1995 Patrick Riordan    
1992-1993 Cornelius B. Prior    
1991 Dwight Welch    
1990 Clifton H. Guffey    
1989 Joseph E. Hicks    
1987-1988 James W. McConnell    
January 14, 1987
Holiday Inn Crown Plaza
Atlanta, Georgia  NEAT - June 1957
Williamsburg Lodge
Williamsburg, Virginia 
Southeastern REA Borrowers Association (SEBA) 1987-1993
Eastern Borrowers Association (EBA) 1993-1996
Eastern Rural Telecom Association 1996