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The duties and qualifications of the Board are defined in the By-Laws of the Florida Recreation
and Park Association, Inc.; Articles IV, V, and VI.

The Board, in accordance with the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws and such resolutions
as adopted from time to time, shall be empowered to vote and to transact business of the Association.


PRESIDENT - The President of the Florida Recreation and Park Association shall guide, represent and interpret the FRPA goals and purposes for the year of their Presidency.  In all addresses, group meetings and presentations to outside related organizations, the President shall at all times represent the position of the Association.  The President is to be regarded as a leader of the Board of Directors and shall facilitate all meetings of the Board.  The President is the presiding officer at Board Meetings, unless otherwise designated to another Board member.

PRESIDENT-ELECT - The President Elect should be constantly preparing themselves to assume the role of President, and thus serves closely with the President.  The President Elect facilitates meetings when there is a personnel issue involving the President and the Executive Director.  The President Elect is looked to as a leader among the Association membership and shall conduct themselves as a representative of the Board of Directors at all times.

PAST PRESIDENT - The position of Past President is an honorary one, and as such if the Past President resigns, there will be no appointment to that Board of Directors position vacancy.  The Past President is expected to communicate the wealth of information they learned during their Presidency and during their years of involvement with the Association.  They are an advisor to the President as well as to the Board of Directors.

VICE PRESIDENT OF FINANCE - The Vice President of Finance is the chief financial officer of the Association.  They serve as a member of the Board of Directors, and Chair the Financial Oversight Committee.  It is the responsibility of the Vice President of Finance to monitor the revenues and expenditures of the Association.  In conjunction with the Executive Director, the Vice President of Finance assures that financial policies are adhered to and that the most sound financial decisions are made on behalf of the Association.  The Vice President of Finance also establishes with the approval of the Board of Directors, procedures for fiscal operations of the Association.

VICE PRESIDENT OF ADVOCACY -  The Vice President of Advocacy shall serve as a member of the Board of Directors and the Financial Oversight Committee.  They are responsible for overseeing the Association’s advocacy efforts, affiliations with external organizations, and marketing the profession.

VICE PRESIDENT OF MEMBER RESOURCES - The Vice President of Member Resources shall serve as a member of the Board of Directors and the Financial Oversight Committee.  They are responsible for the development, delivery, and evaluation of member services, and will work with the Region Directors to assure the needs of the membership are met through Region activities.

VICE PRESIDENT OF PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT - The Vice President of Professional Development is a member of the Board of Directors and the    Financial Oversight Committee.  They are responsible for overseeing the Educational Agenda for the Association.

PARLIAMENTARIAN - The Parliamentarian is appointed by the President to serve a one year term.  The Parliamentarian is a non-voting member of the Board of Directors.  The Parliamentarian is to assure the Roberts Rules of Order are followed at every Board Meeting and that appropriate steps are taken to address issues/items relative to parliamentary procedures.  Because the Parliamentarian is to be seen as an objective party at all times, they shall not express their opinion on issues voted upon by the Board of Directors,

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR - The Executive Director is responsible for the daily management of Association, providing guidance to the elected Board of Directors, and representing the Association to the public and allied organizations.


Committee Leadership
Terrell Griffin
Terrell Griffin

Haines City Parks and Recreation
Haines City, FL
United States

Kevin Kirwin
Kevin Kirwin, CPRE
Deputy Director
Martin Co Parks and Recreation
Stuart, FL
United States

Krista Pincince
Krista Pincince, CPRP

Largo Recreation, Parks and Arts
Largo, FL
United States

Chip Potts
Chip Potts, CPRP

Oldsmar Leisure Services
Oldsmar, FL
United States

Becky A. Gunter
Becky A. Gunter, CPRP
(President Elect)
Seminole Recreation
Seminole, FL
United States

Jennifer E. Cirillo
Jennifer E. Cirillo, CPRE
(Past President)
Assistant Director
Palm Beach Co Parks and Recreation
Lake Worth, FL
United States

Charlotte Presensky
Charlotte Presensky, CPRE
(Vice President of Finance)
Leisure Services Administrator
Palm Beach Gardens Recreation
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
United States