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Council of Fellows

Committee Description

Mission: To provide guidance and counsel for current efforts and vision for the future.

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Committee Leadership
Mr. David E. Lourie
Mr. David E. Lourie, P.E., D.GE, F.GBA
CEO / Consulting Engineer
Lourie Consultants
Metairie, LA
United States

Mr. Edmond D. Alizadeh
Mr. Edmond D. Alizadeh, P.E., J.D., F.GBA

Universal Engineering Sciences, Inc.
St. Louis, MO
United States

Mr. Gery F. Anderson
Mr. Gery F. Anderson, P.E., G.E., R.G., C.E.G., F.GBA

Hillsborough, NC
United States

Mr. Richard O. Anderson
Mr. Richard O. Anderson, P.E., F.GBA

Somat Engineering, Inc.
Taylor, MI
United States

Mr. Saiid Behboodi
Mr. Saiid Behboodi, P.E., G.E., F.GBA

PBS Engineering + Environmental
Portland, OR
United States

Mr. Joseph Cibor
Mr. Joseph Cibor, P.E., D.GE, F.GBA

Cibor, Inc.
Houston, TX
United States

Mr. Gary M. DeJidas
Mr. Gary M. DeJidas, P.E., F.GBA

President and Chief Executive Officer
GAI Consultants, Inc.
Orlando, FL
United States

Mr. James F. Duffield
Mr. James F. Duffield, P.E., F.GBA

Merry Hill, NC
United States

Kurt R. Fraese
Kurt R. Fraese, L.G., F.GBA

Fraese and Associates, LLC
Duncan, BC

Mr. David R. Gaboury
Mr. David R. Gaboury, P.E., F.GBA

Olathe, KS
United States

Chuck A. Gregory
Chuck A. Gregory, P.E., F.GBA

Senior Principal/Vice President/Regional Manager
San Antonio, TX
United States

Mr. Daniel L. Harpstead
Mr. Daniel L. Harpstead, P.E., F.GBA

Technical and Quality Director
Kleinfelder, Inc.
Austin, TX
United States

Mr. Charles L. Head
Mr. Charles L. Head, P.E., P.G., F.GBA

Founding Principal | Chair, Board of Directors
Sanborn, Head & Associates, Inc.
Concord, NH
United States

Mr. Arthur G. Hoffmann
Mr. Arthur G. Hoffmann, P.E., D.GE., F.GBA

Chief Administrative Officer
Gannett Fleming, Inc.
Camp Hill, PA
United States

Mr. Kevin B. Hoppe
Mr. Kevin B. Hoppe, P.E., F.GBA

Chairman | CEO
NTH Consultants, Ltd.
Northville, MI
United States

Dr. John A. Hribar
Dr. John A. Hribar, Ph.D., P.E., F.GBA

Pittsburgh, PA
United States

Lee R. James
Lee R. James, C.P.A., C.M.C., F.GBA

Lee James & Associates
Denver, CO
United States

Mr. James K. Johnston
Mr. James K. Johnston, P.E., F.GBA

North Brunswick, NJ
United States

Ken R. Johnston
Ken R. Johnston, F.GBA

Chief Administrative Officer - Senior Principal
GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc.
Bedford, NH
United States

Robert "Rory" S. Johnston, P.E., G.E., BCEE,F.GBA

Langan Engineering & Environmental Services
Lawrenceville, NJ
United States