Committee/Task Force Details

Resource Collaboration Committee

Committee Description

The Mission of the Resource Collaboration Committee (RCC) is to: Collaborate with other GBA Committees, GBA Staff and non-GBA sources to facilitate updates of most valuable reference material; Guide the production of new reference material; Develop ways to reformat and repurpose educational material to enhance its use by members and the profession; and, Track/catalog existing materials to avoid unnecessary duplication.

Committee Leadership
Chuck A. Gregory
Chuck A. Gregory, P.E., F.GBA
Senior Principal/Vice President/Regional Manager
San Antonio, TX
United States

Mr. Victor R. Donald
Mr. Victor R. Donald, P.E.

National Director - Geotechnical Services /Sr. Vice President - Sr. Principal
Olathe, KS
United States

Richard D. Heckel
Richard D. Heckel, P.E., D.GE

TTL, Inc.
Nashville, TN
United States

Mr. Travis Wambeke
Mr. Travis Wambeke, P.E., P.G.

GeoProfessional Innovation Corporation (dba GPI)
Pullman, WA
United States