Board & Committees
A list of our GCBAA Board, GCBAA Committees and GCBAA Foundation Board is below:

  • Allied Liaison Committee
    Co-Chaired by the Current and Immediate Past Presidents. Committee responsibilities include assisting the office with all allied association joint activities. These include but are not limited to review and approval of joint contracts, memorandum of understandings, joint publications and endorsements, and activities associated with Golf 20/20 activities.
  • Certification Board of Governors
  • Communications Committee
    Co-chaired Committee. Review and approve all GCBAA communications. Including assembly and review of the association quarterly EarthShaping Newsletter, mobile web application, association website, social, electronic, and other communication tools to the membership and industry. Committee members will also help identify press release opportunities and media stories relevant to the association membership.
  • Foundation Board of Directors
  • Fundraising & Budget Committee
    Co-chaired Committee consisting of GCBAA Treasurer & Additional Director. Responsibilities include the development of an annual association operating budget. In addition to developing budgets, the Committee will also identify new revenue sources for the association and recommend programs to implement new revenue sources. Fundraising activities include the development of fundraising programs for the GCBAA & GCBAA Foundation. Committee will also assist the GCBAA Foundation Board of Directors on Foundation fundraising activities.
  • GCBAA Board of Directors
  • GCBAA Executive Committee
    The Executive Committee consists of the GCBAA President, Immediate Past President, President-Elect, Vice President, Treasurer, & Secretary. The Executive Committee oversees the financial affairs of the Association. They also assist with coordinating, planning, and administration of all association activities and other duties assigned by the Board of Directors. *Committee Make-up of Officers of the Association Only
  • Information & Education Committee
    Co-chaired Committee. Committee responsibilities include recommending presentation ideas and presenters for GCBAA activities including GCBAA Meetings and Events along with allied association opportunities. Committee members will also assist the office in identifying educational content to be used for industry opportunities. The Committee will assist with reviewing proposals for education content. The Committee may be used to help develop webinar and canned education programs for members to use regionally, nationally, and internationally. This Committee will also facilitate subcommittees on the design and maintenance of the association Golf Course Construction & Renovation Costing Guide. The Information & Education Committee will also facilitate subcommittees for awards programs. These include the maintenance of the Don A. Rossi, Perry Dye, and Builder Excellence Award Programs. The group may also identify other member and industry partners for awards recognition. Finally they can assist allied partners with any recognition consideration of GCBAA members.
  • International Committee
    Co-chaired Committee. Committee may be divided into regional areas and membership enhancement categories based on current market trends. The Committee will recommend all association international activities and events and help identify new opportunities around the globe. The Committee will identify potential international members and partnerships and provide recommendations to the Board.
  • Meetings Committee
    Co-chaired Committee. Committee responsibilities include development of a program budget and registration fees for Executive Board approval. The Committee also will assist the association with site selection including city and venue for association activities and events. The Committee will assist with menu selection, banquet event orders, and any audio visual needs. The Committee will assist with contract negotiations for securing these activities at various venues. Committee members will be asked to volunteer throughout meetings and events with office tasks including set-up, registrations, and other administrative tasks.
  • Membership Committee
    Co-chaired Committee. Committee responsibilities include managing member upgrade applications. The Committee will interview potential candidates for upgrades and verify application information. The Committee will provide recommendations for upgrades to the Board of Directors. The Committee is also responsible for review of change of ownership and company name requests and provide recommendations to the Board. Committee members will also help identify membership benefit programs.
  • Nominating Committee
    Standing Committee per GCBAA Bylaws. Committee structure shall include the Immediate Past President as chair and an outgoing board member or individual who is not a candidate in the upcoming election. Others may volunteer to assist this Committee with providing the Board a list of qualified candidates for upcoming elections. The Committee also assists the office with the election process.
  • Rules, Resolutions, Policy, & Government Affairs Committee
    Standing Committee per GCBAA Bylaws. Committee responsibilities include drafting, review, and interpretation of the GCBAA Bylaws. This includes amendments, resolutions, and policies. The Committee will also prepare rules and procedures to govern the business operations of the Association and study and recommend all resolutions and policies and procedures. Committee will also recommend position statements for the association government affairs activities.
  • Strategic Planning Committee
    Chaired by the GCBAA President Elect. Committee responsibilities include maintaining a list of short and long term goals along with recommending plans for the association each year.