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IAFE Members Strike It Rich in Their Communities

Fairs provide scholarships to their communities.

In 2017, the IAFE embarked on an initiative that further demonstrated our relevancy and positive impact both as an important international sector and in our own communities. Your fair was asked to share the facts and figures associated with scholarship programs.

Fairs awarded scholarships enabling kids to go to college or trade schools, affording veterans suffering from post traumatic stress disorders to grow gardens, and helping those with learning disabilities to have youth livestock projects. Fair-awarded scholarships are investments in their communities, but more importantly, investments in the citizens of our world. The youth we serve today are the leaders of tomorrow.

At the 2017 IAFE Convention, it was reported that fair's across the industry contribute at least $43,866,866 annually in scholarships to their communities. The reported data revealed at least 4,429 scholarships were awarded last year by nearly 65% of the self-reporting fairs.

Fairs continue to prove their invaluable place in their communities with economic, social, and cultural impact of significant proportion.