Spring ISDLAF+ Academy

 The valuable information covered at the winter and spring ISDLAF+ seminars can now be used to earn academy credit~

To receive academy credit for the Assessing Financial Condition and Preparing for Collective Bargaining (AAC #1896), attendees MUST attend both of the following ISDLAF+ seminars:

  • January 2018
  • March 2018

About the Academy: Academy attendees will be introduced to tools and techniques to assist them in analyzing the financial status of the school district. The analysis will be to expose them to "best practices" employed by school districts, regardless of their wealth, as to what steps and procedures to become familiar with to assist them in providing the Board of Education with recommendations based on factual data not hypothetical analysis. They will be exposed to data search procedures and analytical information to be used for comparative purposes for similar Illinois school districts. The workshop will introduce them to data collection from all Illinois school districts that been compiled into useable graphs, charts, database sets, and other analytical techniques. Upon completion of the academy they will have developed a skill set to search for information that will be valuable to them in managing the financial affairs of the school district.

With this newfound skill set the academy attendees will be in a position to analyze salary schedules, health benefit plans, negotiated agreements, along with other data points in developing labor relations skills to benefit them in collective bargaining. Labor attorneys will discuss current labor conditions and bargaining insights to assist academy attendees on what to anticipate in labor negotiations.


  1. Register online prior to the January seminar and pay the academy registration cost.
  2. Attend the ISDLAF+ School Finance Seminars in both January and March at your selected location.
  3. Turn in the required homework at the March seminar and fill out the required survey to receive your academy credit.

January registration counts as your registration for both ISDLAF+ seminars. There is no need to register for each individual seminar as well. To earn credit, you must attend both days at your chosen location. Attendees must sign up in advance, or onsite at the January seminar. Attendees of the March seminar will not be able to sign up to receive credit, even if they attended the January seminar.


East Peoria — 1/17/2018 and 3/14/2018 
O'Fallon — 1/18/2018 and 3/15/2018
Naperville — 1/23/2018 and 3/13/2018 

The academy will only be offered for the Naperville, East Peoria and O’Fallon January and March seminar sessions.


A processing fee of $75 (member)/$115(non-member) will be charged to academy attendees. It will still be free to attend the ISDLAF+ Seminar.


8:30am - 9:00am: Registration & Refreshments
9:00am - 12:00pm: Program
12:00pm - 1:00pm: Lunch (Provided) and Round Table Discussion


Naperville — 1/23/2018 & 3/13/2018
East Peoria — 1/17/2018 & 3/14/2018 
O'Fallon — 1/18/2018 & 3/15/2018