Leadership Institute

Take the first step on a lifelong and potentially career changing journey!

With the ever increasing demands of the workplace, developing yourself as a leader will empower you to move your organization forward more successfully. This includes learning to develop others and alleviate stress through better relationship management.

The Illinois ASBO Leadership Institute originated from the leadership passion of Dr. Michael Jacoby, Executive Director of the Association. The mission behind the program is leadership through the development of others. School and Service Associate members can begin a lifelong and potentially career changing journey through:

  • 360-degree feedback, goal setting and self reflection. 
  • Coaching and experiential activities. 
  • Emotional intelligence and situational leadership. 

Steve Treacy, Organizational Behavior Consultant, and owner of the Treacy Group, led the design team in developing the format for the program and in selecting the two rater feedback instruments that comprise the two-day immersion portion of the program: Life Orientations (LIFO) and The Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI). A steering committee of Illinois ASBO members designed the program.

Ready to experience the Leadership Institute as a part of the next cohort? Download a Leadership Institute application and the letter of recommendation form.

Find out more about the Institute:

To request a full pamphlet detailing the Leadership Institute, please contact Jennifer Corbin at (815) 753-9365.