Regional Organizations


Regional Organizations provide professional development and networking opportunities to enhance the skills of members in every corner of the State… from Zion to Cairo.

Attend a regional organization meeting near you to: 

 - Network with a group of like-minded professionals in your area
 - Hear speakers on relevant local issues and timely topics for school business managers
 - Get a glimpse of what is happening at Illinois ASBO and the benefits of your membership
  • Map of Regional Organizations (pdf)
    Find out which Regional serves your county!
  • Links to Regional Organization Homepages
    Find your next opportunity to connect with school business professionals in your area, get in touch with your committee chair to get on their contact list and find out more about participation.
  • Professional Development Activity Proposal Form
    Access the ISBE approved professional development activity proposal form! Note: all forms must be approved by a PDC or Regional Chair.
  • Regionals for Facilities Professionals (pdf)
    There are two regionals which cater specifically to the needs of facilities professionals - North Central Illinois Facilities Professionals and and Lake County Facility Managers. Attend a meeting or send your facilities manager to learn about issues that connect directly to this area of school operations.
  • Service Associate (Vendor) Attendance
    Service Associate Members are invited to attend many Regional Organization Meetings. Please refer to the Events/Regional Organization page to determine whether the meeting you are interested in attending allows Service Associates. Vendors that speak at Regional Meetings are expected to adhere to the Illinois ASBO Service Associate Code of Ethics.


From the beginning, the Officers and Directors of Illinois ASBO were concerned with state geography and the challenges it presented in servicing members. In 1962, the first Regional Organization, Central Illinois Valley, was formed. The number of original Regional Organizations soon grew to 18. Their goal was to meet regularly and discuss school business management issues pertinent to their region and the state. The Regional Organizations, under the Illinois ASBO umbrella, were a separate entity and free to set individual agendas. In later years, the Association helped coordinate and support the Regional activities and provided assistance with their mailings. In turn, the Regional Organizations agreed to formally organize, elect officers, hold four yearly meetings and share news with the Association.