Submit A Proposal

Thank you for submitting a seminar proposal. This process requires two forms, the Illinois ASBO Seminar Proposal Form which will list the seminar details and the ISBE Form 73-58 which will provide credit hours to attendees. Please be sure to submit both copies to Illinois ASBO.

Illinois ASBO Seminar Proposal Form
ISBE 73-58 Form

NOTE: Due to ISBE regulations, the 73-58 form is password protected. The document will not save any changes you will make to it. Please download the form, fill it out and then print it. It may then be scanned, faxed or mailed to Illinois ASBO.

In addition, please be advised, the ISBE 73-58 Form must be submitted with the proposal form. Before filling out the online form, we suggest that you have the information for the required fields available. The required fields include:

  • Name of Approved Provider:
    Illinois Association of School Business Officials
  • Region, County, District, Type Code: 
  • ​Name of Activity
  • Describe the activity: 
    (written explanation)
  • Write a statement:
    Show the relationship between the content of the PD activity, specific relevant standard(s) and at least of on the following criteria established for PD activities:
    • Engages participants over a sustained period of time allowing for analysis, discover and application as they relate to student learning, social or emotional achievement, or well being; or
    • Aligns to the licensee's performance (evaluation); or
    • Includes outcomes that relate to student growth or district improvement; or
    • Aligns to State-approved standards; or
    • Are college courses.
  • Explain the intended impact on student learning or well-being (written explanation)
  • Identify criteria that apply to the PD activity (checkboxes)
  • Identify the professional development standards to which the activity aligns (checkboxes)

Submit both PDFs to Illinois ASBO by emailing or faxing the forms to:

Jennifer Corbin
Senior Professional Development Coordinator
P: (815) 753-9365
F: (815) 516-0184
  Lindsay A. Plath
Professional Development Coordinator
P: (815) 753-9350
F: (815) 516-0184
  Laura M. Turnroth
Professional Development Coordinator
P: (815) 753-6102
F: (815) 516-0184