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Industry Standards Committee

Committee Description
The Industry Standards Committee (ISC) is working on behalf of IFPUG members to advance Function Points as an international Software Engineering Standard through ISO/IEC JTC1 SC7 and SNAP through IEEE. The Committee also participates in the development and review of other related Software Engineering Standards related to software lifecycle, artificial intelligence, internet-of-things, blockchain, quality assurance, software measurement, software process improvement, and benchmarking. The ISC also fosters cooperation and collaboration between IFPUG and other standards communities such as: IEEE, NIST, TM Forum, ISBSG, OMG and other ISO standards committees.

Committee Leadership
Steven Woodward
Steven Woodward
Cloud Perspectives
Nepean, ON

Charles Wesolowski
Charles Wesolowski
Huntsville, AL
United States

Pierre Almen
Pierre Almen, CFPS
(ISBSG Liaison)

Talmon Ben-Cnaan
Talmon Ben-Cnaan
(SNAP IEEE Working Group )
Tzur Yitzhak,

Ms. Carol Dekkers
Ms. Carol Dekkers
(US TAG/ISO Representative)
Quality Plus Technologies Inc
St Petersburg, FL
United States


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