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Why be apart of the KMTA

Why Be Apart of the KMTA


Political Advocacy

Why do I need to be involved?
  • Without the KMTA you would still be paying sales tax on equipment, costing you thousands of dollars on paper thin margins.
  • Without a voice at the table in Frankfort there would have been damaging legislation that would have become law, hurting the trucking industry and your bottom line.
  • Grass Roots politics works! Not only does it protect your company, but it gives you important insights on how our government works.
  • Without KMTA your trucking livelihood is at risk.


  • KMTA provides you an opportunity to network with people that have a common interest.
  • KMTA gives you access to potential customers, clients and other business opportunities.
  • Quoting a trucking executive “the friendships and fellowships that can be developed and nurtured are invaluable.”

Safety Advocate

Don’t understand the state or federal safety regulation. We Do!
  • KMTA is also a safety advocate, promoting best practices in safety.
  • KMTA safety council works with different State and Federal agencies on education and accident prevention. The Safety Council meets monthly discussing the ever changing regulations.
  • KMTA members are active in the Commercial Vehicle Information Systems Network, Governor’s Executive Committee on Highway Safety, America’s Road Team, Motor Carrier Advisory Committee and the state’s Incident Management Team.
  • KMTA’s has the resources that can provide you guidance on critical safety issues. This information is invaluable when a crisis occurs at your company.

Bottom Line: Save Money

  • Savings come from programs that produce true financial savings. KMTA has agreements with UPS, Office Depot, and JJ Keller that will result in your company saving money. In some cases the saving is over 50%.
  • KMTA’s knowledge with IRP, IFTA, Interstate/Intrastate credentials, KIT and KYU can save you money. Many companies fail to properly fill out tax/registration forms accurately, resulting in paying too much or too little in taxes and registration fees. KMTA can provide guidance on these areas.
  • Access to other trucking executives that have been through similar situations can result in better practices or products that save your company money.
  • Access to education programs can reduce fines and fees.
  • Access to transportation vendors that provide KMTA members better savings than non members.
  • Access to the Wholesale Trade Trust health insurance plan has resulted in lower health insurance premiums for some members.


  • Many of the KMTA members are on different committees which allows their company to be recognized on the state and federal level for its efforts.
  • Through our Truck Driving Championship your company and drivers has the opportunity to be recognized by a group of peers for your commitment to safety.


  • By being a member of KMTA your company gains immediate credibility with the different state and federal agencies.

Education and Professional Development

  • KMTA will be conducting regional educational programs to better meet the needs of our members in 2008.
  • Educational meeting will mainly focus on safety issues. This will be a joint effort between KMTA, state and federal agencies.
  • Trucking 101 is a program that is being developed that will be aimed at the employee of the KMTA member. It will focus on their professional development. Stay tunes more to come later.