Committees Leadership

A list of our committees and staff members is presented below:
  • MAAO Executive Board
    The Executive Board shall have full power to carry out all the purposes of the Association and shall have general charge and control of its affairs, funds and property.
  • Human Resources Committee
    To determine the needs and development of various human resources policies for the MAAO.
  • MAAO Appellate Tax Board Committee
    ATB Committee Mission Statement: Our mission is to serve the needs of assessors in their management of Appellate Tax Board (ATB) cases. We seek to educate and inform assessors on ATB decisions. We also aim to provide assessors with the skills and techniques necessary to increase their effectiveness in resolving cases and in defending and prosecuting appeals at the Appellate Tax Board.
  • MAAO By-Laws Committee
    To review and draft changes or additions to the current MAAO By-Laws.
  • MAAO Conference Assistance Committee
    To assist in the registration and operation of conferences and seminars.
  • MAAO Education Committee
    Provide educational programs for various meetings, conferences and workshops.
  • MAAO Ethics Committee
    The committee shall receive and investigate all complaints referred to it concerning alleged violations of the M.A.A.O. By-Laws and Code of Ethics.
  • MAAO Farmland Valuation Advisory Technical Committee
    To assist DOR with developing land values for 61A,classified land
  • MAAO Historical Committee
    To create and maintain historical data of the MAAO
  • MAAO Legislative Committee
    To monitor, submit, and encourage tax legislation helpful to communities as well as to discourage any legislation that is contrary to the efficient operation of local government.
  • MAAO Masters Committee
    To develop a program to provide assistance to communities when requested.
  • MAAO Nominating Committee
    To present a slate of candidates for election annually.
  • MAAO Policy Review Committee
    To review and comment on policies of the Dept. of Revenue. To Aid the DOR in instituting new policies.
  • MAAO Professional Admissions Committee
    To establish and maintain requirements for MAAO professional designations. To qualify applicants for MAAO professional Designations.
  • Massachusetts FLVAC Governors Appointment
    Governors appointment to FLVC recommended to Governor by MAAO.
  • MMA Conference Committee
    Plan and conduct participation in the MMA Annual Conference
  • Office Staff
    Part time employees responsible for the day to day operation of the Association.
  • Past Presidents
    To maintain contact with Past Presidents of the MAAO.
  • Technology Committee
    Maintains portion of MAAO web page as well as advises on any technology purchases and processes.