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Get Well Wishes

Arthur Holmes

Assessor, Southborough & Framingham

The MAAO sends heartfelt get well wishes to one of its most revered members.  Arthur Holmes is one of our longest serving members, a past president of the MAAO, the WCAA, and currently a member of the Board of Assessors in Southborough and Framingham.  Arthur recently spent a couple of weeks in the hospital and two weeks in rehab fighting a severe illness.  He is home now recuperating and doing much better.  He will be off his feet for a little while and, knowing Arthur, that, in itself, will be a struggle.  I am sure all those who know and love Arthur will wish him all the best and we all look forward to seeing him at future E-Board meetings and conferences. You can send him well wishes at his home in Southborough. 

His mailing address is:

Mr. Arthur K Holmes
73 Oak Hill Road, P.O. Box 387
Fayville, MA 01745-1014