What Assessors Do

New Promotional Material

The MAAO has developed several items to help local officials understand what we do and the importance of our position.

There are two one page handouts that explain the Role of the Assessor and what the MAAO is all about.  There is also a very good PowerPoint presentation that explains the workings of the Assessor’s Office and a short five minute video that is available to be downloaded for any municipality that would like to make it available to anyone to help them understand the role we play in municipal government.

Go to the links below to view and download the various presentations.

  1. PDF - The Role of the Assessor

  2. PDF - MAAO - Who we Are

  3. PowerPoint Presentation - Assessment; Behind the Curtain

  4. Video – YouTube link – The Problem Solvers: How Assessors Make Local Government Work

  5. Google Drive Link - The Problem Solvers: How Assessors Make  Local  Government Work