Request for Proposals

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Town of Wenham


Submissions must be received by Friday May 5, 2017 at noon

Scope of Services: The Town of Wenham is seeking submissions from qualified individuals or firms to undertake data collection and re-inspection of improved residential parcels as designated by the Wenham Board of Assessors.  For each relevant parcel, the Consultant will perform the following services:

1. The Consultant shall measure the physical dimensions of each segment of the structure and identify each segment type.

2. The Consultant shall verify the data characteristics of the exterior of the property.  This includes the building style, condition, roof cover, exterior wall covering, and related building descriptors.

3. The Consultant shall verify the sketch of the main structure and significant ancillary structures.

4. The Consultant shall inventory each ancillary structure located on a parcel including swimming pools, tennis courts, garages, outbuildings and other property improvements.

5. The Consultant shall inspect the complete interior of each property and verify all data characteristics related to the building.  These characteristics include the condition, bathroom count, room count, kitchen quality, bath quality, and related building descriptors.

6. The Consultant shall make one initial visit to each property.  If the Consultant fails to gain access to property during the initial visit, the Consultant will be required to perform one callback before leaving an Assessor's notice

7. The Consultant shall provide assistance in interpreting, clarifying, and, where data collection is incomplete, re-listing any parcel so assigned by the Board of Assessors under this scope of work.

Price Proposal: The Town has budgeted $22,000 for the purpose of completing this work. There are approximately 775 parcels that remain to be inspected. Please provide cost estimates for your services as follows:

  • Rate per standard parcel
  • Rate per estate parcel

Based on these rates and working within our $22,000 budget, please provide an estimated number of parcels which can be inventoried and re-inspected, including any necessary follow-up inspections and meetings with the Board of Assessors or their designees.  In addition, please provide a proposed project plan and timeline, including dates for all deliverables.

Interested individuals or firms should submit a proposal that includes qualifications and references as well as a detailed price proposal to: Steve Ozahowski, Wenham Assessors Office, 138 Main St, Wenham, MA  01984. Or email to

Rule for Award:Bids for this Contract are subject to the provisions of M.G.L. Chapter 30B as applicable.

Bids will be compared on the basis of the experience and competence of the bidders and on the basis of the totals of the quantities listed in the proposal under the enumerated items at the unit prices for these items.  The Contract will be awarded to the lowest responsive, responsible and eligible bidder as determined by the Town.  However, the Town may reject any and all bids if it is in the public interest to do so.

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