Your Recert Status

It is critical that you maintain active status of your designation if you intend to use it in any professional manner. Please take the time to check your status.  You can check your status on the MAAO web site from the “Individual Lookup” link in the left side bar of the homepage.  Log in to the website and search by your last name in the search screen.  Once your information appears click on "View More Info" and  you will then see the date when you are next scheduled to submit your information for recertification as well as you’re MAA, RMA, or CMA number.  If you need detailed, visual instructions click here – Find your recert date.

Questions can be directed to Bob Ellia, Executive Director, at

or by telephone, at 774-249-8625


When applying for recertification, applications and documentation should be sent to:


PO Box 70

Shrewsbury, MA 01545