MAAO Courses

The MAAO has developed an extensive and thorough educational program for its members. The various courses offer in-depth training to those individuals that strive to obtain the knowledge and background that is required to perform the duties of an Assessor in a professional and competent manner.  Each year the MAAO runs an Annual Assessors School at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst where most if not all of our courses are offered.  In addition, several of our curriculum courses are run during our “winter school” at varying locations.

Along with the standard curriculum of courses, shown below, we also offer many seminars, workshops, and conferences that deal with the ongoing issues of appraisal, valuation, statutory regulations, and tax policy.  The primary purpose of the MAAO is to educate its members and the program that is maintained by this association is, in our opinion, second to none in its scope and ability to carry out that purpose.

Although there is no prerequisite requirements to take any of our basic courses below it is strongly recommended that they be taken in the order listed. 

MAAO Course 200 - Principles of Assessing Procedures is a course dealing with the Assessors administrative responsibilities, and Appellate Tax Board procedures. This is an in-depth explanation of the Assessors everyday involvement. It is a course necessary to the new Assessor and useful to the experienced Assessor as a review. This course is worth 34 MAAO recertification credits.

MAAO Course 1 - Comparable Sales Approach to Value deals with the comparable sales approach to value, sometimes called the market approach. It offers a brief review of the necessary mathematical procedures required in our job. It also deals with the basic appraisal process, concept of value, and mass appraisal using the comparable sales approach. It is a course that takes the time to go into detail concerning a subject that is germane to our profession. This course is worth 34 MAAO recertification credits.

MAAO Course 2 - Cost Approach to Value is devoted to the cost approach to value. This course begins with a review of algebra and also reviews the assessment process. It will delve into the process of replacement cost, depreciation, cost tables, and adjustments. You will apply these procedures to both, the single property appraisal and the mass appraisal process. This course is worth 34 MAAO recertification credits.

MAAO Course 3 - Income Approach to Value deals with the income approach to value. The first section is devoted to basic statistics. The math reviews included in MAAO Courses 1 & 2 provide the basis on which to proceed to statistics. The course will cover the analysis of the income and expenses generated by income producing property and the development of economic rents, expenses, and cap rates in order to generate an accurate indicator of market value. This course is worth 34 MAAO recertification credits.

MAAO Course 4 (MBREA Course REA-1A) - Narrative Report Writing will lead the student through the process of writing a narrative appraisal report for both a residential and non-residential property.  The course will review techniques and valuation methods used to arrive at a final estimate of value.  MAAO Course 4 would be helpful to any assessor or appraiser who has to write or review narrative appraisals and is a must for the assessor who is interested in writing a demonstration appraisal for their RMA or CMA designation.  It is also a requirement for the RMA and CMA designations.  The course is worth 34 MAAO recertification credits.

MAAO Course 5 -  Mass Appraisal of Real Property will lead the student through the process of mass appraisal of real property both residential and non-residential. In MAAO Course 5, discovery, listing, and valuation will be discussed. Our other courses have been directed toward single property appraisal, where this course applies those principles to a great mass of properties. This course is worth 34 MAAO recertification credits.

MAAO Course 6 –Valuation Administration is a course developed by the MAAO to expand on the procedures that are necessary to perform accurately and professionally the primary function of our profession, the administration of the development of values and meeting the requirements of state certification.  Doing it right is not only necessary to satisfy the BLA requirements but to satisfy and instill confidence in the taxpayer.  This course is intended to guide you or to reassure you that you are doing it right.  This course is worth 34 MAAO recertification credits.


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