Posting Policy for the MAAO website

All job postings should be sent to

  • Format for receipt: E-mail to MAAO web site posting.
  • Please submit the posting in a Word format as we cut and paste your information onto the webpage.  If you have links to a website with more information all the better!!
  • All information must be proof read and ready for posting. Text must be in proper case, no ALL CAPS please. 
  • All job postings should have an expiration of notice date and contact information in addition to above.
  • Posting time will be within 72 hours of a confirmed receipt.
  • We make every attempt to notify you of the posting, if you do not see it on the site, please send a follow up message as it just might have been missed.
  • ‚ÄčAll postings are free for our members.  If you are not a member, there is a $50 fee for an ad to run for 1 month.  Please contact for more information on how to pay for the ad.