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maaps and Suffolk University Certificate of Leadership in Private Special Education Schools


2010-2011 Graduates

Karen E. Bishop, The Learning Center for the Deaf, Walden School

Deborah Donovan, Boston Higashi School, Inc.

Tamatha Faneuf, Doctor Franklin Perkins School

Sharon A. Frohock, Seven Hills Foundation

Marta Isajiw Budu-Arthur, The Walker School

Michael L. Kelly, Boston Higashi School, Inc.

Robert A. Kulchuk, The Learning Center for the Deaf

Sherry Lynn MacNeil, Devereux

Megan E. Roy, Seven Hills Foundation

Linda M. Sliwoski, The Professional Center for Child Development

Margaret Teehan, Justice Resource Institute

Timothy D. Vaughn, Latham Centers

Stephanie Ward, Justice Resource Institute

Graduation Picture

First Row: Ginnie Waldron, Chris Hunt

Second Row: James Major, Nicole Kustanovitz, David Drake, Sandy Matava

Third Row: Michael Kelly, Tamatha Faneuf, Marta Isaiw Budy-Arthur, Stephanie Ward, Robert Kulchuk

 Fourth Row: Megan Roy, Deborah Donovan, Sharon Frohock, Karen Bishop




  • Partially meet DESE criteria towards a Special Education Administrator’s license
  • Participate in a program designed for working professionals, with 20% of coursework on-line
  • Engage in coursework tailored to the needs of private special education schools, with specialized readings and case study format
  • Earn 15 credits towards one of three Master’s Degree programs at Suffolk University
  • Earn 67.5 Professional Development Points for each class (Program not eligible for CEUs)
  • Develop relationships with other future leaders
  • Prepare yourself for the future in the unique world of the private special education school setting





The tuition for the certificate program for an employee at a maaps member school is $2,300.  The tuition for participants from a non-maaps member is $4,600.  Enrollment is limited to 30 students.  Students will incur expenses for educational materials and supplies (as noted below).


Requirements for participation:

Applicants for the program must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a written recommendation to participate by their direct supervisor and the approval of their CEO/Executive Director or Head of School.
  • Commit to completing the entire 20-week program.  Attendance, class participation and completion of all homework and other assignments are crucial to obtaining the certificate credits. 
  • Have management responsibilities or be in line to assume them in the near future.

Application & enrollment information:

·         There is an application process that begins in early spring and enrollment decisions are made on an on-going basis until the 30 maximum seats are filled.  Deadline for submission of applications is November 01, 2012.

·         Applicants are put on a waiting list in case of a withdrawal.

·         Each of the five (5) courses are held on Thursday from 9:00 AM. – 4:00 PM.

·         Courses are scheduled over a calendar year with a break in the summer.

·         There will be a minimum of a 2 week break between courses to prevent backlogs in the execution of responsibilities and tasks by participating managers

·                   Click Here To Download Application



Participants who complete the program will receive a Certificate of Leadership in Private Special Education Schools issued jointly by maaps and Suffolk University. 




Do you need to have a Master’s Degree to enroll in this program?  No, a Master’s Degree is not required but a Bachelor’s Degree is required. 


Is there financial aid available?  Payment is the responsibility of the individual who enrolls in the program; there is no financial aid available for this program though the University. 


Do I have to buy the books?  Reading is an essential part of the certificate program.  Students are responsible for acquiring the required reading for the course work.


Who is responsible for paying the tuition for the program?  The individual participating in the program is responsible.


How many people can my program enroll in the Certificate Program?  A program can enroll as many individuals as they would like, enrollment for the entire program is limited to 30 students.


How can I find out more information?  You can contact Ginnie Waldron at 781-245-1220 x207 or gwaldron@maaps.org. or Click Here To Download Application




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