The Dee McCandlish Scholarship Fund



The Dee McCandlish Scholarship Fund was established in 2008 and was first announced at the 52nd Annual Convention of MBAC in Hilton Head, SC on the retirement of former Executive Director McCandlish.  The scholarship was created to honor McCandlish for her excellence in service to MBAC over a 20 year period.

The scholarship fund is designed for employees of MBAC member firms or MBAC individual members whose studies are directed towards the mortgage banking or mortgage financing field and will enhance the recipients' career opportunities within the mortgage lending industry.  Applicants must apply and state why they are seeking the scholarship and they must identify what mortgage banking goals have been set.  Preference will be given to women applicants.

Applicants must currently be employed by a MBAC member firm or be a MBAC individual member in either North Carolina or South Carolina.  Applicants must reside in either North Carolina or South Carolina.  They may attend a school or course not necessarily in the state where they reside.

The financial need of the scholarship will not be the basis for the decision of the committee. 

Applications will be reviewed by the Scholarship and Recognition Committee twice yearly.  Awards will be made in March and September.  Applications for March awards must be submitted prior to February 1st, and applications for September must be received prior to August 1st.

Awards are limited to tuition, registration, class materials, or lodging for applicants wishing to further their careers in Mortgage Banking.  Travel and meals will not be covered. 


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