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The Mortgage Bankers Association of the Carolinas, Inc. embraced the following Mission Statement in 1955 when it was created:

"Our mission is to unite as an organization
of mortgage professionals, creating value for the membership through
education, legislative representation, and
communication, while promoting the highest level of ethical standards"

     Each part of MBAC's mission ties to the Association and its members taking a pro-active position on the legislative issues that impact the mortgage lending industry.  MBAC has a Legislative Committee in North Carolina and an active membership for that committee.  It has a Legislative Committee in South Carolina with an equally engaged committee membership.  The leadership and members for each committee can be located under the Committee Leadership tab of the Welcome Page.  Each state is represented with a lobbyist.  Our lobbyists work closely with the Legislative Committees and MBAC membership to ensure our voice is heard by our legislators.

     Our efforts require money and for that reason the Mortgage Bankers Association of the Carolinas, Inc. created a Political Action Committee.  We call that Committee MAC-PAC. 

     Providing legislative representation in support of our member companies and our industry overall is a key part of our mission as a trade association.  We continue to successfully accomplish this goal through the efforts of the legislative committees and our paid lobbyists.  The cost of this advocacy supporting our livelihood is paid for through the voluntary contributions from each of us. 

     Challenges and reasons for supporting MAC-PAC may vary from year to year.  Below are ten very real reasons to assist in funding MAC-PAC now:

1.  It's like going to the dentist.  NO ONE likes it but it is critical to avoid more   serious problems in the

2.  No one else is representing you mortgage specific legislative issues in North and South Carolina.

3.  It is critical to have someone telling "our" side of the story - not the side heard in the media!

4.  Someone has to commit the time and be prepared with the knowledge and facts
     to advocate on our behalf before proposed legislation becomes law!

5.  Political advocacy and effective representation could not be more important in today's climate where
     many believe, based on what is frequently heard and seen in the media, that all negative issues in the
     housing finance industry are the direct responsibility of mortgage lenders.

6.  We can stand together. All lenders, affiliates and associates are represented.  For each to commit
      his "Fair Share" is greatly needed.

7.  Who has the time, the experience or the legislative community contacts to themselves? 

8.  If I don't support the representation and advocacy of my own livelihood, how can I expect someone
     else to support it for me? And who else will?

9.  There is a thing called "unintended consequences".  While we recognize our legislators have a duty
      to deal with both real and perceived problems that adversely impact consumers, we must make sure 
      our legislators comprehend the consequences of excessive legislation as it relates to licensing, fraud
      liability, appraisal management, high cost loans, limitations on loan products.  The "unintended
      consequences" can hurt the consumer more than the legislation protects the consumer. 

10. Our industry continues to shrink.  Our individual commitment is more important than ever. 



 Please make your contribution to MAC-PAC today. 




















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