The date for the 2017 Roadeo will be Saturday May 6th at the Arden Hills Exam Station - 5400 Old Hwy 8, Arden Hills.

                                          For more details see the website

Registration starts at 7:00 am

Entrants must be checked in by 7:45 AM (Late arrivals will not be allowed to compete.)

Entrants must have a valid SB CDL with them at registration and be an active school bus driver.

Entrants must have driven a route at least 60 days during the 2015-2016 school year.

Entrants must be preventable-collision free (as defined by the National Safety Council).

Lunch will be provided for Registered Competitors - Additional Lunches can be purchased at the time of registration.

We are no longer accepting online registrations, you must fax the form below

            Print a REGISTRATION FORM  & FAX 218-546-2886


The Road-eo Includes:

A. Written Test - To be  completed on the state's computer system.

B. Pre-Trip Inspection - Timed search for pre-determined defects.

C. Driving Course - Test your skills and knowledge

D. Awards - Trophies awarded to winners in each Division and Rookie of the Year.


Safety and Other Rules Regarding Competitors, Children and Guests -

A competitor bringing children must assure the children are attended to at all times.

If children are running around, playing or otherwise unattended in or near any of the competition areas, the Competitor responsible for their attendance will be disqualified.

Any guest or competitor found roaming or offering aid to another competitor will result in disqualification.