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Understanding and Using the Rorschach Performance Assessment System

Aug 23, 2017 09:00am -
Aug 24, 2017 04:30pm

Event Description


This program is by invitation only.

Understanding and Using the

Rorschach Performance Assessment System

Gregory J. Meyer, instructor

This two-day workshop provides a clinically focused understanding of the Rorschach Performance Assessment System (R-PAS). R-PAS is a relatively new, empirically-grounded system that uses the task as a verbal and perceptual behavior sample obtained under standardized conditions such that personality inferences are based on observed performance rather than self-description. Test scores are compared to internationally-based reference norms and graphically displayed using standard scores. R-PAS emphasizes scores where there is a clear link between the psychological processes associated with the perceptions and behaviors coded in the microcosm of the task and inferences about parallel psychological processes associated with the perceptions and behaviors that make up personality characteristics expressed in everyday behavior. After describing the rationale for using R-PAS and the problems that it corrects for relative to previous systems, we focus on its distinctive features related to administration, coding, normative reference data, and interpretation, and apply the system to two cases. Participants may be just learning to use the Rorschach, though the presentation is oriented towards those who have some previous Rorschach-based assessment experience.


This workshop should be useful for practitioners and for people who teach or supervise psychological assessment. It should appeal to practitioners and teachers interested in learning how to more fully and accurately understand clients through multi-method clinical assessments that incorporate making careful inferences from valid, performance based R-PAS scales. Although the workshop may be of use and interest to students with no knowledge of the Rorschach, those who are familiar with Rorschach-based assessment will benefit the most. The workshop largely will be didactic on most of the first day, though interactive around the case conceptualizations.


Specific learning objectives:

  1. Explain how Hermann Rorschach’s artistic talents contributed to the usefulness of his inkblots.

  2. Summarize how imagery and communication given to the Rorschach task forms a complement to self-reported personal characteristics.

  3. Describe the basic empirical and conceptual foundation for variables in R-PAS.

  4. Explain how R-PAS strives to reduce variability in examiners.

  5. Explain why new normative reference standards improve clinical inferences.

  6. Implement standardized administration procedures that optimize the length of Rorschach protocols.

  7. Explain the four instances when an examiner would ask a question to clarify the determinants of a respondent’s perception.

  8. Describe the codes that are new in R-PAS relative to the Comprehensive System.

  9. Explain the two main lines of research that contributed to the R-PAS tables addressing perceptual accuracy (i.e., the Form Quality tables).

  10. Summarize the R-PAS principles for accurate interpretation and contrast them with previous models.

  11. Explain the 4 interpretive procedures (Scan, Sift, Synthesize, and Summarize).

  12. Apply R-PAS interpretive procedures and guidelines to a case.

Program Code: RPAS17

12 CE Credits
Location: William James College, Newton

 Gregory J. Meyer, PhD, is a Professor at Loyola University of Chicago. His research Interests include: Personality assessment; test validation; neuropsychological processes; interpersonal perception; clinical symptomatology; and meta-analysis. 

Event Type:Continuing Education Program
Category:Assessment & Testing
Early registration ends on Aug 21, 2017.
Regular registration starts on Aug 22, 2017 and ends on Aug 22, 2017.
Late registration starts on Aug 23, 2017.



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