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The Heat of the Moment in Treatment: Mindful Management of Difficult Clients

Oct 19, 2013 9:00am -
Oct 19, 2013 4:30pm

Event Description

         This workshop seeks to provide a venue for clinicians to develop and hone specific skills derived from the fast-growing social neuroscience, acceptance/commitment and mindfulness empirical literatures in order to stave off negative personal outcomes in clinical work.  Using minimal jargon, and relying on engaging discussion, case examples, well-developed training activities and exercises and an interactive format, this workshop aims to fill a gap in continuing education for clinicians.

         This workshop is an intensive training in acceptance and mindfulness-based strategies for developing skills in managing one’s reactivity to clients.  With development of skills for increased flexible awareness of thoughts, feelings and behavior in reaction to clients, clinicians will be more able to remain connected to their work, and to the clients themselves.  Such intervention is likely to not only benefit the therapist, but improve the treatment as well by way of improved ability to manage the therapeutic relationship.

         In the domain of psychotherapy, the “therapeutic alliance” or the helping relationship between therapists and clients, has been shown through decades of research to be the best predictor of outcome in treatment.  Technique, theoretical orientation, client or clinician personality, gender – none of these match the predictive power of the alliance.  And yet, we have few tools, specific and concrete, readily available to clinicians , for building and maximizing this relationship.  This workshop helps clinicians develop the core skills of inner management to maximize the healing connection with clients.

         When clinicians are more present, aware, and flexible, they are also more able to demonstrate compassion, attunement and even set appropriate limits on client behavior in sessions.  They are better able to “lead” the treatment toward positive outcomes.  When therapists develop and exhibit a strong presence in the therapy room, clients connect, learn and heal.

Learning objectives:

·                     Recognize the difficult patterns in past and current therapeutic interactions that impede treatment progress

·                     List the past, present and future components of problem exchanges with one’s clients

·                     Demonstrate skill in managing difficult client interactions by conducting in-the-moment assessment

·                     Develop a personal intervention plan using straight-forward, research-supported interventions

·                     Through guided practice, demonstrate skills for proactively intervening with clients

·                     Demonstrate skills for understanding and skillfully managing relational intervention timing (“when” to intervene)

Program Code: MDC6
6 CE Credits
Fee: $135

Mitch Abblett, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist, supervisor, consultant and trainer specializing in the treatment of children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral disorders. He conducts trainings nationally and internationally regarding the best practices for effectively working with difficult client interactions, as well as applications of mindfulness for enhancing professional and personal relationships.  He is Clinical Director of Manville School at Judge Baker Children’s Center, a Harvard-affiliated agency with a long-standing, national reputation of service to the mental health needs of children. He is the author of The Heat of the Moment in Treatment: Mindful Management of Difficult Clients. He received a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Florida State University, completing a pre-doctoral internship training at the Boston Consortium in Clinical Psychology.

Event Type:Continuing Education Program
Category:Innovators - Clinical Practice
Early registration ends on Aug 03, 2013.
Regular registration starts on Aug 04, 2013 and ends on Oct 09, 2013.
Late registration starts on Oct 10, 2013.


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 The Heat of the Moment in Treatment (MDC6)
Member Fee: $135.00$135.00$135.00
Non-Member Fee: $135.00$135.00$135.00

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