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Institutional Membership $390/year 

An institution must sign up for an Institutional Membership and the first individual at a college/university who registers the institution needs to acquire the Institutional Membership to be provided with the full membership benefits of NACCOP.

Institutional Membership is assigned to: A full-time employee of an institution of higher education that participates in Title IV, student financial assistance programs and is required by Federal Law to comply with the Clery Act.

An institution of higher education is defined as a college or university that has its own President/Chancellor (or position with an alternate title but serves in a similar capacity) leading the organization. Typically, a college or university will have its own OPE ID number and its own listing in the Campus Safety and Security Data Analysis Collection Tool (available at

Institutions that are part of a “system” must purchase an institutional membership for each college/university within the system that is an independently accredited institution or that has its own President/Chancellor, etc. (even if the system has one Board of Trustees/Regents). Typically, a college or university will have its own OPE ID number and its own listing in the Campus Safety and Security Data Analysis Collection Tool (available at

Institutional member benefits are only provided to the individual who is identified as the institutional representative (called “primary representative” in our association management platform) under this membership category. Institutional membership does not provide benefits to other individuals at the institution. If other individuals at the institution are seeking membership or benefits (i.e. member discount prices on programs or services), they must become a Professional Member of the association.


Professional Membership $95/year

Once a College/University has an Institutional Membership (which is acquired through the first individual at the institution who becomes an Institutional Member), additional employees of the College/University who have responsibility or interest in Clery Act compliance for the institution can register as a professional member of NACCOP. This could include but is not limited to employees in the offices of: Student Conduct, Student Affairs, Human Resources, Housing/Residential Life, Title IX Coordinator, General Counsel/Legal Affairs, Compliance and Risk Management.


NOTE: NACCOP staff conduct a periodic audit of membership categories, and if an individual signed up to become a Professional Members and their institution does not have an Institutional Membership, the Professional Member will be invoiced the cost difference ($295) between the two categories of membership and the Professional Member will automatically be transferred into the Institutional Member category since institutional membership is a prerequisite for individual membership.


Committee Membership $500/year

Once a campus has an Institutional Membership, your Clery Compliance Committee is able to join NACCOP by purchasing a Committee Membership for $500.00 for up to 10 people—a savings of up to $450 depending on the size of the committee.  Each committee member would be registered and would receive NACCOP membership benefits. If the institution wants to add more than 10 committee members, the cost will be $50 per person beyond the $500 base price for the Committee Membership. Contact to add a Committee membership, as our staff has to set this option up for your institution.

No refunds will be issued for current professional members who become part of a “committee membership”—these members will be transferred into the committee upon request.