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Institutional Membership                                                                 $250/year

An institution must sign up for an Institutional Membership and the first individual at a college/university who registers the institution needs to acquire the Institutional Membership in order to be provided with the full membership benefits of NACCOP.

Institutional Membership is assigned to: A full time employee of an institution of higher education that is Title IV eligible and is required by Federal Law to comply with the Clery Act.

Professional Membership                                                                 $50/year

Professional Member: Once a College/University has an Institutional Membership (which is acquired through the first individual at the institution who becomes an Institutional Member), additional employees of the institution who have responsibility or interest in Clery Act compliance for the campus can register as a professional member of NACCOP. This could include, but is not limited to employees in the offices of: Student Conduct, Student Affairs, Housing/Residential Life, General Counsel/Legal Affairs, Compliance and Risk Management.


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