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March 2017 • Volume Seven • Issue One • The Opiate Crisis


Drug Intoxication and the Need to Autopsy: A Diagnosis of Exclusion?

David R. Fowler

Confronting an Upsurge in Opiate Deaths With Limited Resources

Thomas A. Andrew, Jennie V. Duval

Opioid Toxicity

David Dolinak

Emerging Synthetic Fentanyl Analogs

Harold E. Schueler

The Evolution of the Opiate/Opioid Crisis in Cuyahoga County

Thomas P. Gilson, Hugh Shannon, Jaime Freiburger

Opioid Drug Death Investigations

Daniel Morgan

Drug Overdose Surveillance and Information Sharing Via a Public Database: The Role of the Medical Examiner/Coroner

Karl E. Williams, Michael D. Freeman

The Utility of a Prescription Monitoring Program in Death Investigation: The Virginia Experience

Amy M. Tharp-Myers, Kathrin Hobron, Ralph Orr

County Coroners and Their Role in the Heart of the Opioid Epidemic

Renee Robinson

Rules for Establishing Causation in Opiate/Opioid Overdose Prosecutions — The Burrage Decision

Thomas P. Gilson, Carole Rendon, Joseph Pinjuh


Original Articles

Common Findings and Predictive Measures of Opioid Overdoses

Danielle E. Pelletier, Thomas A. Andrew

Gabapentin in Mixed Drug Fatalities: Does This Frequent Analyte Deserve More Attention?

Grant Finlayson, Michael Chavarria, Stephanie Chang, Tyler Gardner, Abigail Grande, Colleen MacCallum,            
Joyce L. deJong, Kelly Quesnelle

Primary Cardiac Tumors in Infancy: A Case Report and Literature Review

Carolina Dominguez, Ashley Perkins, Alexandra Duque, Viagnney Bravo

Blastomycosis in Wisconsin: Beyond the Outbreaks

Katrina Thompson, Alana K. Sterkel, Erin G. Brooks

Case of the month


Fatal Rotavirus Infection in a 4-Year-Old with Unsuspected Autoimmune Adrenal Insufficiency

Alison Krywanczyk, Elizabeth A. Bundock

A Case of Previously Unsuspected Huntington Disease Diagnosed at Autopsy

Catherine R. Miller, Nobby C. Mambo, Jianli Dong, Gerald A. Campbell