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Membership in the National Association of Professional Allstate Agents is open to current or retired Allstate insurance agents, agency staff, and Allstate Financial Specialists. Dues may be paid annually, or monthly by automatic withdrawal (EFT) from your checking account.   

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Following are some of the Benefits of NAPAA Membership:


NAPAA provides its members with reliable communication on issues that affect Allstate Exclusive Agency Owners and their customers by promoting professionalism and ethical practices.  In addition to Exclusivefocus magazine, NAPAA members receive DirectExpress, a weekly email newsletter, and other special bulletins. These publications keep members informed about Allstate news, industry trends and other topics of interest to insurance professionals. Our other sources of communication are our Website, which offers a wealth of information and resources for our member agents. In addition, we host an online discussion group where agency owners can exchange useful ideas and share information of value. Finally, NAPAA is host to Regional Exclusive Agent Forums where agency owners can meet NAPAA leaders, learn agency management techniques and find out firsthand about important legal, legislative and administrative issues.


NAPAA leadership is comprised of successful, experienced Allstate agency owners who have spent a great deal of time over the last  twenty-plus years of our existence to learn our contracts, how management works and thinks and our legal rights as Independent Contractors.

More Help for Members

    • Free listing of your agency for sale on our website - Agencies For Sale - or Agencies Wanted to Buy.
    • Sample documents helpful when you are buying or selling - Letter Agreement, Asset Purchase Agreement, Sample Business Plan.
    • "Other" assistance from experienced agents who have bought or sold.  We can help your attorney with contract information, forms, and procedures, commission assignment and TPP assignment information and more. 
    • Membership paid for one full year is required to receive free listing and buying/selling assistance. Membership paid for two full years is required to receive the sample Asset Purchase Agreement.
    • Special discounts from nationally recognized vendors.

Legal Assistance

While NAPAA does not provide free legal advice for their members, we do maintain detailed records on various court cases and share our knowledge and resources with our members. Advice on business issues is shared between officers of NAPAA and its members.

Member to Member Referrals

This program is designed to help your customers locate an agent in their new community. This transfer process is good for both NAPAA members and customers.  As a member in good standing, you will receive transfer-ins from NAPAA members in other states.  Your transfer-out customers will be assured a true "warm" transfer.  A "Win-Win" proposition for everyone. Call NAPAA Headquarters 877-627-2248, email your request to ewiseman@napaainc.org, or go to the online referral form.

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