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The LEADING EVERYDAY INITIATIVE (LED) initiative is a unique opportunity for NAPT members to take their professional skill sets to the next level. It is the goal of the LED program to attract current and future leaders and bring them together in a “cohort” group structure; the common mission of whom is to be world-class professionals who are looked to as models for our industry.

LED participants will work together to bring “graduate-level” theory into practice and ultimately develop solutions which can be put into daily operation. NAPT will provide this specialized LED-specific training both on-site at the NAPT annual conference and through regional/web-based and other interactive networking following the on-site events. LED-heads will be constantly learning, developing and facilitating active leadership programs and will be given the tools needed to do so. In addition, LED participants will have access to the latest expertise in order to create model business practices that address organizational behavior, interpersonal relationships, key performance indicators/metrics and strategic thinking.

LED cohorts will ultimately help guide the vision of the industry and, as a result of their LED training, will have developed into mentors who create future leaders themselves.

For more information on NAPT’s LED program  contact Alex Robinson
(alexrobinson6@msn.com), Launi Schmutz ( launi.schmutz@gmail.com) or Pete Meslin (pmeslin@nmusd.us)

Click here to download the LED Brochure

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